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Fender Locks

Fender locks are another way to secure you boat fenders to the boat without having to deal with stringing the extra line to secure it down. The locks are mounted to the side of the boat, such that, the length of rope is much shorter making it much easier to work with.

Fender locks come in a varitey of material such as: stainless steel, chorme plated Zinc, Nylon and carbon fiber. Some of them are fixed, squeeze tabbed or locking. They are built to withstand the rigors events taken place when the boat fender is doing its job to protect the boat from collision. A tough fender isn't so tough with a weak lock.

Here at iboats, we offer fender locks from several manufactures at a great price. We carry Perko, Taylor Made, Dock Edge, Seasense and many more. some of our product lines have the option to choose a color to ensure you maintain the color sheme of the boat.

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