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Leaving the Boat Dock in Windy Conditions

This video will explain the best techniques to cast your boat in heavy winds.

Video Transcript


Hey everybody its Rob Nelson. Now if you're casting off or docking a boat it's pretty simple if there is no wind right. But when the wind is coming, whether it's blowing at you or blowing away from you, they are different techniques that you can use to get that boat in or out safely. So that is why we made this video. Check it out.

Casting off in windy conditions! Alright so now what is your plan if the wind or the current is going like this away from the dock, let's think about it. Away from the dock is the way we want to go and if the wind or the current is blowing in that direction, we can use an oar or boat hook to keep the boat clear of the dock. Then we simply let the wind or current carry the boat away from the dock. Once we're clear, we shift into forward then slowly depart.


But what if the wind or the current is pushing the boat into the dock then it can get tricky. So they are a few things we need to do when casting off to make sure that we don't get ourselves or our fancy boat in a sticky situation. When the wind of our current direction is towards the dock here is what we do.

First we cast off the stern line. Then we move in the bow line and secure it to the dock at mid boat. If the dock is not lined with its own fenders like ours is, make sure to move the fenders to the bow to protect the boat. Now here is the trick. We go forward a little turning hard towards the dock. See as we slowly increase speed the stern and motor move away from the dock. Finally we cast off the bow line then back out slowly until we have enough room to shift into forward and turn away from the dock.


Now if you like that little clip then you might actually want to watch all of our videos which you can do at It's a site where you can get certified in boat safety which is important if you're boating. And of course everybody leave comments we love to hear from you and thanks for watching.

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