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What is a Tilt and Trim Motor?

Power tilt and trim motors are electrical and hydraulic components that play an essential role in increasing performance in hole shot and speed. Boaters are given more control over stabilizing the boat and maintaining its speed. This is done by a gear pump that acts as the main source of hydraulic pressure and power. There is also a built-in tilt option that allows boaters to change the angle of the engine while it is running. Changing the angle of a motor under power affects the overall performance of maneuverability, stability and fuel gains. A remote switch is used to adjust and fine tune your boats performance. The adjust and trim will provide the operator the ability to change engine and hull performance at their fingertips versus mechanical trim tabs to provide only one function of performance that is fixed on the mechanical setting. Having the ability to utilize multiple trim motor functions through your operation will provide for a better user experience no matter if you are enjoying a cruise, fishing, watersport and just having fun! Simultaneously, the added shock-absorbing trait in tilt and trim motors joins forces with the angle-shifting to protect the engine and the hull of the boat.

There are a few different kinds of power tilt and trim motors that are made to suit various types of engines. Here are some of the common styles:

Small engines - best suited for engines under 30 horsepower, specifically outboard. Accessible, compact size.

Double Action tilt and trim motors - better levels of maintenance and control over tilt and trim functions. Double Action works best for engines between 30 and 100 horsepower.

Three cylinder - for larger engines usually ranging between 100 and 250 horsepower. Easy installation onto the outboard motor with a separate casting set up.

Integrated - 100 to 250 horsepower engines are best for these tilt and trim motors. They can be installed on an engine with a few upper/lower pins.

iBoats.com offers several aftermarket, cross reference power tilt and trim motors that are made to fit OEM designs. They are matched up based on the make, model, year, and serial number of your engine. You can see if your power tilt and trim motor is offered by looking in the electrical section of your specific engine section. You can find this on our website under Props, Motors, and Parts and going through either Outboard Engine Parts or Sterndrive Engine Parts.

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