Nauticus "Factory Blemish" SX Smart Tabs

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The Nauticus SX Smart Tab is constructed of molded composite to prevent rust and corrosion. All blemished products are the black color. The material also provides superior strength and resilience, ensuring durable use in rough waters.

This smart tab delivers smooth and fast acceleration while improving fuel economy by 11%. It also reduces bow rise by 40% and lowers plane speed by 35%. This smart tab ensures smooth ride by eliminating porpoising and chine walking. It features tracking ribs to improve handling at higher speeds.

  • Smoother and faster acceleration
  • 40% less bow rise and 35% less plane speed
  • Improves handling and smoother ride

Features of Nauticus SX Smart Tabs

  • More top speed and no porpoising
  • Improved fuel economy


Boat Type Boat Length Motor Size Motor Type Part Number
Ribs, Flats & Bay,
Bow Riders, Fish & Ski
13', 14', 15' 30 HP to 40 HP 2 Stroke SX9510-30
Ribs, Flats & Bay,
Bow Riders, Fish & Ski
12', 13', 14' 40 HP to 50 HP 4 Stroke SX9510-40
14', 15', 16' 50 HP to 80 HP 2 Stroke
Ribs, Flats & Bay,
Bow Riders,
Day Cruisers,
Fish & Ski,
Rescue, Deck
15', 16', 17'+ 60 HP to 100 HP 4 Stroke SX9510-60
16', 17', 18'+ 60 HP to 150 HP 2 Stroke
18' to 22' 150 HP to 240 HP 2 or 4 Stroke
16', 17', 18'+ 4/6 cyl I/O 4 Stroke
18' to 22' V8 cyl I/O 4 Stroke

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Performance Benefits
  • Smoother and Faster Acceleration - (Great for Skiing)
  • 40% less Bow Rise and 35% Lower On Plane Speed -
    (Great for Tubing)
  • More Top Speed and No Porpoising or Chine Walking
  • Improves Handling and Smoother Ride In Any Water
  • Improved Fuel Economy (11% +)
Rugged Design: (TMCPC)
Thermo Molded Co Polymer Composite material provides superior strength and resilience for any rough water situation. Rust and corrosion are also eliminated so there is no need for anodes.
Assembly & Installation In Minutes
  • Complete assembly and mounting requires only a drill, a 3/16" bit, and a phillips screw driver.
  • The Integral design eliminates the need for wrenches.
  • All components "lock" together with self locking clevis pins.

Nauticus, Inc. warrants to the retail purchaser of this product that it is free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of five years (5) on all metal componets and two years (2) for rubber boot covers and gas actuators, from the date of purchase. Complete warrenty information is included with each kit and upon request.

Nauticus Smart Tabs SX Overview

Nauticus Smart Tabs SX Overview

Smart tab delivers smooth and fast acceleration while improving fuel economy by 11%. It also reduces bow rise by 40% and lowers plane speed by 35%. Ensures smooth ride by eliminating porpoising and chine walking. ... read more

Video Transcript

You've seen how our Smart Tabs perform on a boat. Now let's take a look at why they work better than any other trim tab or foil on the market, even higher priced electronically controlled tabs.

The most common complaints we hear from small and medium sized boat owners are excessive bow rise on takeoff, getting on plane quickly and porpoising these challenges limit the maximum performance from your boat as well as your overall enjoyment.

Let's take a look at each of these more closely. Your boat has an access point or the point at which it pivots in the water. The ideal access point is mid ship. As the stern weight increases the axis point shifts towards the stern. The more stirred weight, the farther back the access point and the higher the bow arise. Add in the thrust of your motor and you lengthen the amount of time it will take to get on plane. The key is in balancing your boat without compromising performance.

So how do Smart Tabs balance the hull without sacrificing performance? Smart Tabs create extra Stern lift intuitively they increase the running surface and adjust the hull design to compensate for changes in sea conditions, weight and speed on a continuous basis. It's an active system.

At slower speeds, Smart Tabs are fully deployed offering the greatest amount of lift. As your boat accelerates the taps automatically adjust angle and retract in direct relationship to the forces on them created by the water pressure and sea conditions.

There are some experts who feel that to plane quicker requires more horsepower. This is a myth. To get on plane requires whole balance not throwing more horsepower at it.

Without Smart Tabs, typical power rise will be about 15 to 17 degrees regardless of the motorsports power. You see, during acceleration your motor is working to push the boat up hill in order to get on plane. The acceleration is slow and forces the motor to labor.

With Smart Tabs installed to create balance, bow rises minimised which allows the boat to accelerate with less resistance. From a power standpoint you'll require less than half the horsepower from the motor to get on plane resulting in more horsepower for quicker acceleration.

The result time –s to plane is significantly reduced. Visibility over the bow is increased and your fuel economy is improved because your motor is pushing the boat forward not struggling to climb uphill.

Once you're on plane, if your boat feels like a bucking bronco then you're experiencing the phenomenon commonly known as porpoising. Porpoising is the bouncing reaction of the boat bow rising and falling as you're cruising. To eliminate this annoying and uncomfortable bouncing, there needs to be enough Stern lift to hold the bow down.

A common remedy to reduce porpoising is to trim the motor down so that the prop angle is facing up to lift the stern and hold the bow down. This is a costly mistake resulting in prop slip which decreases pro efficiency. You get the maximum efficiency when your prop is perpendicular with the water surface not at an angle.

The key is in Stern lift and balance. Let Smart Tabs and lift the stern and control the ride.

As you can see from this animation, the tabs retract intuitively in response to changing conditions. Uniquely, the Smart Tabs actuator resistance can be adjusted so there's no danger of pushing the bow into the water with too much Stern lift. Both the port and starboard tabs react independently from one another to keep the boat level at all cruising speeds eliminating porpoising.

Prop slip is reduced. Prop efficiency increased and your fuel economy is improved automatically.

If you're familiar with riding a motorcycle you know that in order to turn corners especially at high speeds, the bike will lean in the direction of the turn. The same can happen when turning your boat to port or starboard. As you can see, with Smart Tabs installed the left tab deploys slightly anchoring the turn to port and the right tab remains horizontal.

The same is true in a starboard turn. The right tab deploys and the left remains horizontal. Smart Tabs again respond to the boat's condition to maintain a smooth and level ride.

The intuitive nature of Smart Tabs operates similarly when tracking through wakes, waves or chop. Let's say you enter a wave at a 45 degree angle to starboard, the port Smart Tabs will deploy and the starboard tab will remain horizontal. As you exit the wave, the starboard tab will deploy and the port retracts to keep you level. With Smart Tabs, you can travel through waves and wakes without having to steer the boat in order to stay on course.

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