Outboard Motor Jack Plates & Brackets

Outboard Jack Plates & Mounting Brackets How-Tos

What is the purpose of Jack Plates and Mounting Brackets?

Jack plates are used to set the engine further back from the transom. Installing them takes the weight off the back of the boat. It stabilizes the boat so it can cut through the water more easily and allows the ability to adjust the height of the motor that allows for speed variation. There are certain kinds of hydraulic jack plates where the operator can adjust the height without having to turn the engine off and manually moving it up or down. Jack plates are a useful tool and a good investment for boaters who intend to preserve their engine life and save gas. Jack plates allow boaters to raise their engines in shallow water to avoid damaging the prop and any other engine parts that may be affected.

Hydraulic jack plates give boaters the ability to adjust the height of their engine with the touch of a button while still in the water. When using a hydraulic plate, you get the better hole shot and top end because you can adjust the motor while moving.

Manual jack plates come in one piece as well two piece designs. The operator has to be stopped to adjust the motor themselves. Manual jack plates have a tradeoff, either better hole shot or top end speed because you can only adjust it when it stops restarting at your current engine position.

Mounting brackets perform the same function as jack plates but are used for smaller auxiliary and trolling motors. They set the engine back at a fixed length.

Different Jack Plates and Mounts are made to accommodate a variation of speeds and weight loads as well as distances the boater wants to set his engine back as well.

iboats offer a variety of Jack plates and mounting brackets. We carry several different manufacturers both hydraulic and manual. You can determine which one is best for your boat depending on weight, distance desired from transom and mode of operation. You can look at plates and mounting options to determine the right fit for your engine. Start by going to Boat Parts & Accessories and then to Controls and & Steering and then to Jack Plates.

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