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Keeping Your Water Fresh with a High Quality Boat Systems

Fresh Water Boat Systems is primarily for boats that have the capacity to store and move fresh water, usually for at a sink or shower in the cabin. In addition to the water pressure pumps required for a fresh water system, we offer things like water tanks and heaters, sinks, showers, pressure regulators, and chemical treatments. Brands such as Jabsco, Whale, Raritan, Flojet and Scandvik have put in the time and energy to make sure their products are of the highest quality, and designed to deal with a constantly wet environment.

Fresh Water Boat Systems How-Tos

How to Install a Shower Pump on my Boat

After a hot day out sailing, racing, fishing, or simply relaxing on the deck, a boater always looks forward to a refreshing shower. Nothing beats the feeling of powerful water jets splashing on your body. However, due to structural and space limitations, it can be a bit challenging to get the right water pressure. This will particularly affect small watercrafts. In order to make certain the shower works just right, it is necessary to put in place a good boat shower pump. This device is charged with making sure there is a constant flow of water. It also helps in maintaining consistent water pressure thus offering you a "power shower."

Why is a shower pump needed in a boat?

As a boater, you may be asking if it's necessary to have a shower on a boat. Well, if you desire to get rid of the salt, dirt, smell or sweat from your body, then you need a shower and a water pump. Unlike a home, a boat will have a little area to hold the water. This simply means that you have to work with limited quantities. In addition, the water tanks will be located below the deck or on a slightly raised platform. Therefore, the pressure of water will be low. A pump increases the water pressure and also reduces wastage and keeps you clean.

Installing a Boat Shower Pump

Things You'll Need
  • Shower pump
  • Wood or Rubber slab
  • Power Drill
  • Wrench
  • 15-mm Pipes
  • 25 Amp fuse
  • Screwdriver
  • Screws/Bolts
  • Nuts


  1. Identify a good spot on the boat. It should be kept as near as possible to the tanks storing water. It is always a good idea to position the pump at a point that is lower than the water tank base (bottom).
  2. Position the pump on the wood or rubber piece and mark the holes. Do the same to the desired area on the boat.
  3. Take the power drill and drill the holes on the slab as well as the boat.
  4. Align the slab on the boat and place the pump horizontally on top of the slab.
  5. Insert the screws or bolts and attach the nuts underneath. Tighten with a screwdriver or wrench.
  6. Connect the pipe from the water tank to the inlet side of the filter. Another pipe should be connected from the filter's outlet to the inlet of the pump.
  7. Connect another pipe from the pumps outlet to the shower. You may also place a filter between the pump and shower head.
  8. Locate the pump's positive (red) wire and splice it to a positive power source in the fuse box. Place a 25 amp fuse while making sure power has been disconnected or switched off. Connect the other black (negative) wire to a negative point.

Tips to Choosing a Boat Shower Pump

Choosing the right shower pump comes with its fair of challenges. This is fueled by intense market rivalry, lack of knowledge, a wide range of products, and more.

The following tips will come handy when thinking of fitting a shower pump:

Frequency of Use:- If the shower only serves one or two people, or is used rarely, then a small or medium pump should be sufficient.

Pump Output:- The pumping pressure is usually between 1.0 to 4.5 bars. Too much pressure may affect power consumption and also other constituent parts such as the shower heads and pipes.

Energy efficiency:- A good pump should provide maximum pressure with minimal usage of power. It makes no sense to install a large and powerful pump if one or two people will be using it.

Brand Reputation:- Shower pumps come in varied designs, shapes and brands. Always go for a brand that is known to be durable, energy-efficient, cost-effective and easy to install.

Many boaters or boat owners have the notion that installing a shower pump in the boat is a laborious activity. In fact, some will choose to splash water on themselves while others will stick to the faulty shower. Well, this doesn't have to be the case. Replacing or installing a shower pump can be undertaken by any person with basic skills. No extensive knowledge on plumbing or wiring is required. The whole exercise may require only a few hours hence you can decide to set aside one sunny afternoon to carry out the boat shower pump installation. You can turn the activity into a pass time by asking a friend to assist. Before you install a pump, be sure to browse through our high quality pumps to ensure you get the best pump at a great price.

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