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  1. Seasense Thru-Hull Mount 4 LED Round Light
    Starting at $349.99 Special Price $255.01

    Ships: In 1 Business Day

  2. Seasense Surface Mount 6 LED Round Light
    Starting at $184.99 Special Price $154.44

    Ships: In 1 Business Day

  3. Seasense Surface Mount 6 LED Oval Light
    Starting at $189.99 Special Price $139.63

    Ships: In 1 Business Day

  4. Seasense Surface Mount 4 LED Oval Light
    Starting at $139.99 Special Price $117.34

    Ships: In 1 Business Day

  5. Seasense LED Flush-Mount Underwater Lights
    Starting at $167.19 Special Price $80.53

    Ships: In 1 Business Day

  6. Attwood Armor LED Underwater Light
    Starting at $155.69 Special Price $126.46

    Ships: In 1 Business Day

  7. Ocean LED X-Series X16 LED
    Starting at $660.00 Special Price $465.99

    Ships: In 1 Business Day

  8. Ocean LED OceanLED X-Series X8 LED
    Starting at $440.00 Special Price $310.99

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  9. Ships: In 1 Business Day

  10. Ships: In 1 Business Day

  11. Ocean LED OceanLED X-Series X4 LED
    Starting at $220.00 Special Price $155.99

    Ships: In 1 Business Day

  12. Ocean LED OceanLED Sport Underwater LED Light
    Starting at $450.00 Special Price $317.99

    Ships: In 1 Business Day

  13. Lumitec SeaBlaze Mini Underwater Light - Pair
    Starting at $279.00 Special Price $269.00

    Ships: In 1 Business Day

  14. Lumitec SeaBlaze 3 Underwater Light
    Starting at $299.00 Special Price $295.00

    Ships: In 1 Business Day

    Starting at $38.00 Special Price $25.63

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    Starting at $94.59 Special Price $65.00

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  17. High Intensity Led Underwater Lights (T-H Marine)
    Starting at $39.00 Special Price $32.95

    Ships: In 1 Business Day

  18. Seachoice Underwater LED Light Strip
    Starting at $13.25 Special Price $9.71

    Ships: In 1 Business Day

  19. T-H Marine Waterproof Stainless Steel LED Underwater Light
    Starting at $106.19 Special Price $94.33

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  20. Shadow-Caster Power Distribution Box
    Starting at $299.00 Special Price $279.00

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  21. Ships: In 1 Business Day

  22. Innovative Lighting 3 LED Starr Light Recess Mount
    Starting at $18.71 Special Price $15.05

    Ships: In 1 Business Day

  23. Aqualuma 18 Series Gen 4 Underwater Light
    Starting at $1,015.90 Special Price $1,015.00

    Ships: In 1 Business Day

    Starting at $58.19 Special Price $39.93

    Ships: In 1 Business Day

  25. Seadog Portable Underwater Led Light
    Starting at $114.95 Special Price $63.94

    Ships: In 1 Business Day

  26. Shadow-Caster Trim Tab Mounting Bracket
    Starting at $179.00 Special Price $169.00

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Underwater Boat Lights How-Tos

Fishing the flats with Henry Waszcuk and OceanLED (Video)

A video presentation on the use of OceanLED lights and Fishing the Flats with Henry Waszcuk

Video Transcript

[Narrator] You're watching fishing the flats with host Henry Waszcuk.

When it comes the night fishing in Florida, there is one fish that stands out among the rest for being a nocturnal feeder and that's the good old Snook. Those people blessed to have docks on waterways usually install their nightlight not just for the look but for attracting baitfish to the dock. And guess what; soon the Snook will come too. Night after night these docks on the water are automatic Snook hotspots all year long. Now take this approach to fishing at night with you. Yes you can, on your boat that's right.

OceanLED has developed incredible new technology and again not just for looks but to attract fish to your boat. What if you could bring the fish closer to you? That's what this is about. The pure blue color attracts bait right into the light while not bothering their eyes. If the bait is okay with it, the game fish are too. That's where ocean LED excels. Their technology of regular and strobe light patterns have given a whole new outlook of fishing at nights. Just like this.

[Henry] Well this is an unbelievable evening, we're out just outside of Stewart off the jetty and we're doing a little bit of night fishing. Oh yeah that guy hooked up. Ho ho alright baby come on now. Come on! oh man good fight. It's amazing when you see how far these lights shine back. Come on baby, head shakes; okay almost got him. I tell you it's harder where that tide's ripping through there. Yeah I knew it wasn't a Snook but I didn't want to say anything just in case. All right let's see that baby. Let's grab the rod here, let's have him lying out and take a good look at him. I tell you I knew it didn't feel like a Snook because it didn't come out of the water and shake. But look at that beautiful or what.

[Lewis] That's a nice Cubera snapper you got there

[Henry] Well I tell you Lewis, Snook they are great but I tell you these snappers are excellent eating, definitely one for the table. Okay let's get the hook out and how about those blue OceanLEDs that fish looks gorgeous.

[Lewis] And the male Snook will actually be tickling the female trying to get the spawn going. You might have like one female fish and three or four of those male all around her right to the boat almost to the release.

[Henry] Wow I would like to see that. Beautiful look at this. Oh oh! We got a bite, we got a bite. Here you go it's not very big but oh yeah little Snook little Snook. There he is right there. I tell you that water is so clear my goodness. All right here you go. Alright I'm going to put him in the water.

[Lewis] Those little guys in there are tickling the female. Every now and then you will hook a big fish and three or four of those little guys will come up right with her to the boat.

[Henry] Now this guy is about ready, here you go.

All there he goes, oh man oooh. Okay.

[Lewis] It could be another Cubera.

[Henry] Yeah but it's amazing because you know this tide is ripping behind us and I do know if it's a little bit too fast for these Snook and they're just holding back. Hopefully when this tide comes down you know, but I tell you that one did a good run there. Come on and show yourself. Oh it might be a Snook. It's so hard because you really can't see because the fish hasn't come into the lights yet. But boy I tell you when it does; I think it's long. Oh yeah beautiful Snook. Okay do we have him secure because it looks like a nice fish.

[Lewis] Yes sir.

[Henry] Oh my goodness Lewis. Lewis baby show us this fish beautiful. You really like to care of these bruisers. What I'm going to do is I'm just going to hold this fish and suspend him in the water. Look at that fish beautiful. What I'm going to do is I'm going to grab his tail, un-hook him here okay and there he goes.

Now how about that for a little bit of great action, a little bit of this, a little bit of that, pretty awesome you know. No matter where you go in Florida there's always some great fish to be had. Definitely if you never tried night fishing; give it a try. You might want to get some light yourself. I'm Henry Waszcuk I'm going to see you next week on another episode of Fishing The Flats.

[Narrator] Next week we travel to the Venice flats of Louisiana to hunt quality Red fish on Artificial Lures with captain Peter Chesner.

Close captioning has been provided to you by King Sailfish Mounts - For that once in a lifetime catch. Fishing the Flats with host Henry Waszcuk was brought to you in part by E21 - Biofiber Carrot Stick rods, Mercury Marine - Number one on the water, Motor Guide - Never stop, Power Pro - Make every strike count, and Shear Water boats - Shallow water excellence.

[Henry] Great time I fell like Neil Diamond you know hot august night till the day time.

[Lewis] He didn't come to mind I could have think of somebody else, that's all right.

Marlin Magazine Presents OceanLED (Video)

A video presentation on the OceanLED underwater lights as presented by Marlin Magazine

Video Transcript

[Nigel] My name is Nigel Savage, the company is called OceanLED. We developed underwater lighting using LED as opposed to conventional technology with bulbs. The lights we have right now are very bright and led technology is growing so fast that within the next 2 years the lights that even we have will be twice as bright as they are now. We have a fantastic amount of boat companies now who want to put our lights on boats. We are finding that the blue lights especially are about 70% of our sales and blue lights for fishing people. If you have a blue light on one side of the boat and white light on the other most of the fish go to the blue light actually fantastic.

We have a tremendous market here and with the sports fishing teams going out and what have you, we sponsor several of them, they all either come first or second in their competitions. It's just great, it's fantastic and the market is growing all the time. And it's great, it's a real gizmo thing to have on the back of your boat that when you're driving along at night and you see all of the spray going on, it's just something else.

Obviously another great feature we have is that lights that we make you can run out of water with them; something that the competitors have a huge difficulty doing. And that's one of the sexiest thing that when you're running at night you've got all of these lights just lighting up the rooster tail behind the boat, it's just fantastic. We do other colors of course; we got blue, we got green. And the lifespan of the LED is around 40,000 hours which is an amazing amount of time. By the time you put them on your boat, you probably sold your boat and the guy before after that's probably sold his boat as well and it's still working, fantastic technology.

Of the features that of course that are very important especially for the smaller boats are that the LED uses far less consumption of power than conventional lights. And because there is no filament, there is no bulb, it's a light emitting diode, the vibration has nothing to do with short life, and it just goes on and on and on.

A lot of people are coming down to the show, we've been actually inundated with people. Excuse me sir Ron Ron Ron. Can you come on here please?

[Ron] How are you doing buddy?

[Nigel] Fantastic! Geez it's great to see you, great to see you.

[Ron] Having a good show?

[Nigel] Fantastic! This is Ron Michell. You can better explain yourself what…

[Ron] The 2006 angler of the year, the SK angler of the year and I'm currently one of the number one anglers in the country and we've been using the product for a couple years now and it's just absolutely amazing. It has helped us improve our winning streak and this keeps us at the top of our game. And some of the new products they have coming out is just amazing and we're just excited to see what they are doing next.

[Nigel] You know it's right, it's absolutely marvelous.

[Ron] It's good seeing you buddy.

[Nigel] And do you, thank you very much Ron. That's really really good thank you. We would be very happy for anybody to visit our website. Just look at all our photographs, look at all the DVDs that are being shown on the website. Just see the fish that are being caught, it's just a fantastic product. And I know it's just us saying this but many many people about 15,000 lights we now sold in the last 18 months. Visit the website and check it out for yourself. Check everything out for yourself and see that I am actually not just telling you bull.

Infographic: What Underwater Light is Best for My Boat

This infographic thoroughly explains the underwater lighting systems and specs of OceanLED lights.


choosing the Best Underwater Lights for my boat


OceanLED Underwater LED's Tips from the Pros (Video)

Receive tips from the pros when using OceanLED Underwater LED lights.

Video Transcript

When Rich and I decided we were going to build a 36' yellowfin, we decided we were going to have underwater lights on it. Theres a lot of underwater lights that are available so I spent a lot of time looking, trying to figure out which one we were going to choose.

Underwater lights do a lot for us, they are going to attract small fish to the boat which in turn is going to attract the predators. Fishing in key west harbor at night, I love to take my kids out and have them be able to see all around the boat. Its really cool whether they are fishing or not, its going to help you get them on the boat and enjoy the experience of fishing. So I love underwater lights for that application.

In looking around for underwater lights, I determined that I needed to find the most durable, best underwater light possible and I came across Ocean LED.

Ocean LED is the best quality underwater lights that I've found and when I went to order the ones for the boat, I also found that they offer fixed lights for the dock. So we went ahead and installed those on our dock in Hocks Kay and it is an attraction just like a ride at an amusement park. Parents, families, kids, everybody is out on that dock watching the tarpin, the jacks and the bait fish come up to the lights in the marina and its really cool.

So whether you are looking for fixed lights for your dock or waterfront property, or underwater lights for your boat, Ocean LED makes the best quality light on the market. There are a lot of competitors out there - be careful about who you choose. Check out Ocean LED - I think you're going to find that they make the best quality, most reliable product on the market, period.

Lumitec Product Focus SeaBlazeX Video

Learn more about the benefits of SeaBlaze underwater lights. They are scratch resistant, easy to install, and come in multiple colors.

Video Transcript

Hi I'm John and I'm here with another Lumitec product focus. Today I'm going to tell you about the Lumitec's Seablaze X line of underwater lights. The Lumitec Seablaze X line builds on the strong history of the Lumitec Seablaze line of underwater lights. With more than six years in the market and 100,000 lights in the field, the Seablaze line has proven itself to be the undisputed value leader in terms of lumens per dollar.

The Seablaze X builds on a strong tradition with a specially formulated bronze housing, a scratch resistant and thermally protected bore silicate window. An easy to install surface mount with no external controllers and an industry-leading 2825 actual integrating sphere test lumens. For more information about integrating sphere testing of competitive underwater lights see underwaterlightcomparison.com.

Lumitec's 2-color Seablaze X underwater lights are available in five different user selectable output modes. Output modes are selected using our time toggle protocol. The first on toggle of the switch invokes our cross-fade mode. In cross-fade mode the Seablaze X underwater light gently undulates from white to blue and back again. This makes for a particularly dazzling effect when multiple lights installed on the back of a boat. Mode number two is blue output, mode three white, mode number four eliminates both the white and blue emitters. And a final toggle brings on our strobe mode. The light will flash from full intensity to zero very quickly in a random pattern. This is equally attractive to bait fish, game fish and some of you wilder partiers. So for the undisputed value leader in Marine lighting with more than six years and 100,000 lights in the field, Seablaze X is the light that belongs on your transom. Thank you very much for watching.