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Fish Cleaning Tables & Cutting Boards How-Tos

How to Clean and Filet a Trout on a Fish Cleaning Table (Video)

Learn out to clean and filet a trout on a fish cleaning table, presented by "Fly Fishing by Jeff".

Video Transcript

I have got a few requests. And so, this morning, I am going to show you how I do it anyway, how I clean a trout, fillet a trout. It may not be anything complicated. But someone showed me a few years ago, and it's been an easy way to do it.

By the way, this gross thing is being filmed by my wife, so you can give her credit for it when you see her sometimes.

Alright, we are going to start with a sharp fillet knife. Come right up under the throat. Make one cut right there. Now, turn the trout onto its side. We are going to make a cut right along the belly, keeping your fingers out of the way, and right all the way down to the anal fin there. Now, we are going to take the anal fin off.

Make a slice straight down, and then cut straight back. Be careful with your fingers at this point in time. Now, we are going to go forward. We are going to grab these front fins up here, and we are just going to put our knife on there and pull off those guys off. Same thing with this other front fin. There is a reason for that, okay?

Now, here is where we're going to treat it, kind of like a banana. We are just going to shock it. We are going to turn it inside out. We are going to grab the throat, make that little pop. Obviously know what that is. We are going to run our finger down. Along with skin there, up over the top, and now we are just going to push this right out like it was a banana.

Now, we are going to pull right down and shark the rest of the fish, all the way down to the tail. Take just a second. Make a little cut. I usually do this at the stream, so this is the stuff that we usually just shark in. Believe it or not, the trout themselves love this. At this point in time, we are going to fillet the fish. Pretty simple.

Start with your knife towards the front, run right down along the edge. Any of you who filleted before, you know you need to kind of keep knife pressure. But with the trout, it is real simple there. There are not that row of T-bones, like there are on crapp bass, etc. That is better. There you go. There is a fillet.

I got to turn the fish over. Do the same thing around. Make the cut right down there. Keep down pressure on your knife. Keep your hands and fingers out of the way, and we are going to run it all the way down to the edge. Slip it out. What we got here is a couple, nice fillets that will be great eating. We will talk about, maybe cook them at a later day. There you go!

Seadog Fillet Table Video Features

Solid one-piece construction provides a strong long-lasting part that is easy to clean and maintain. Rail mount adapter plate and rail mount clamps included.

Video Transcript

Hi! My name is Norman Drangsholt. I'm from the Seadog line. And today, we're going to talk about fillet prep tables, specifically, the six different models that we have. We have the three different models of the large 30-inch. We have three different models of the 20-inch.

The three different models come different ways. We have a flavor that stay in the raddle or mount, been around for a long time. It goes in any orientation you want either a gantlet mount, vertical mount, rod holder or if you have one that's going to be mounted or rod holder mount at the back of the boat, you can change the orientation of this so it goes along with transit.

Next one we've got is a square-rail mount. Square-rail mount is either for 1 inch or inch and a quarter. And then, the third one we got over here is round rail mount which goes quarter of an inch, 7/8, 1 inch and inch and a quarter.

The critical thing about this style of fillet table is that it's seamless. It's single piece, injection moulded. It is no glue lines so, it's easy to clean or to bleach, wash it off, clean it out. Again, it's something that in the two sizes, it's very nice, easy to clean up. So, it's not something that it has dirt on it.

The other one is for prep table. People use this for, again, filleting fish or bait, whatever it is. Today, a lot of people want to put up a barbeque. They want to have the buns in a plate with all the other prep stuff. This really works well for all of that.

The other one is, this is easy assemble. So, it's not something that's too difficult. Each one comes with everything you need. You don't need to drill any holes. Again, it's something that makes it easier for the boater. Anything that makes easy for the boater makes it more fun to go out and do.

Other features that the tables have is the ability to take and put a pair of pliers, scissors, fillet knife, oyster knife. It has single location for the 20-inch. For the large 30-inch, you've got two locations for those. It also has an option for you to put a hose on the side here.

Again, it got a towel bar in the front so you can put a towel because you know what it's like to get some stuff in your hands, you want to clean it off. Again, it makes a lot easier for the boater.

Thanks for watching our video today on fillet tables. If you have any questions, you can always go to and look at our installation PDFs.

Or you can go to and you can see our two installation videos available for both round rail and square-round mounts and also rod holder mount.

Thanks for watching, happy boating.