Interlux Vc Offshore Antifouling Boat Paint, Blue, Quart

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Mfg V116G, iboats IB00010743, UPC 081948191166
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Product description:

  • Performance/ Thin Film Teflontm
  • For racing, sailing and power boats
  • Suitable for salt and freshwater
  • With Teflonr for ultra smooth, low friction surface
  • Hard, smooth finish can be burnished to a very low profile

VC Offshore is an antifouling paint for the performance conscious boater. VC Offshore is further enhanced by the addition of Teflonr. This high strength Teflon anti-fouling paint is designed for use in salt water. It can be used in fresh, salt and brackish waters. Yields a hard, very smooth finish for maximum durability and increased performance by allowing the hull to move through water with less energy.

Teflonr not only helps reduce drag but also makes it easier to wet sand and burnish to make it even smoother. For use on fiberglass, wood and primed underwater metals (except aluminum).

All paint colors shown here are for guidance only. Due to differences in screen displays that are beyond our control the colors on these pages cannot be guaranteed to match the actual color in the can.

The copper compound within the antifouling is difficult to mask with color pigments. All antifouling paints change color when they are immersed. So don''t be surprised when you have finished and the color is not what you had hoped from the color chart, the true color will establish itself after the boat has been launched. Copolymer and ablative type coatings tend to fade more than hard antifouling paints.

Along the waterline the antifouling will often look dirty or faded, and can even turn green. This is due to the reaction of the paint with oxygen forming green copper oxide. For these reasons you should try keep the paint as close to the true waterline as possible.

Antifouling is the most common (and most important) painting job carried out by boat owners. You can very easily do a professional quality job yourself, but you must bear in mind a few important points.

The type of antifouling you choose should be tailored to the fouling challenges in your boating area. Different water qualities and temperatures produce different types and breeds of fouling. Even in a small area the differences can be quite dramatic, due to outfalls, pollution, inflows from rivers and streams, the speed of flow of the water - and even shading from cliffs, trees and buildings.

It is vital to protect your boat through antifouling as once fouling has a hold on your hull; it will rapidly colonize the surface, making it difficult to remove. Prevention is therefore much better than cure.

Safety: Heavy fouling growth reduces responsiveness as well as making the boat sit lower in the water. This can have serious implications in challenging weather conditions.

Protection: Prolonged fouling growth will damage the substrate of the hull. For example, the natural glues organisms use to attach to the hull damage wood and fiberglass.

Speed and Efficiency: Fouling causes drag, which slows you down and increases fuel costs.

Bottom Paint Application Chart To use this chart refer to "Different Types of Antifouling Paints." Then pick the type that is best for your boat.
Power Boat
Top Shelf Next Best Top Shelf Next Best
Self-Polishing Copolymers Micronr 66 N/A Micronr 66 N/A
Controlled Solubility Copolymers Micronr Extra Micronr CSC Micronr Extra Micronr CSC
Ablative Fiberglass Bottomkoter ACT Super Ablative Fiberglass Bottomkoter ACT Super Ablative
Hard Ultra, Ultra-Koter Fiberglass Bottomkoter Ultra, Ultra-Koter Fiberglass Bottomkoter, Triluxr 33
Large Boats
Used Infrequently
Top Shelf Next Best Top Shelf Next Best
Self-Polishing Copolymers Micronr 66 N/A Micronr 66 N/A
Controlled Solubility Copolymers Micronr Extra Micronr CSC Micronr Extra Micronr CSC
Ablative Fiberglass Bottomkoter ACT Super Ablative Fiberglass Bottomkoter ACT Super Ablative
Hard Ultra, Ultra-Koter Fiberglass Bottomkoter Ultra, Ultra-Koter Fiberglass Bottomkoter
Trailer Boat
and Rack Storage
Top Shelf Next Best Top Shelf Next Best
Self-Polishing Copolymers Micronr 66 N/A N/A N/A
Controlled Solubility Copolymers Micronr 66 N/A N/A N/A
Ablative Fiberglass Bottomkoter ACT Super Ablative Fiberglass Bottomkoter ACT Super Ablative
Hard VCr Offshore, Baltoplate, Triluxr 33 (White), VC 17mr Extra Fiberglass Bottomkoter, Fiberglass Bottomkoter Aqua Fiberglass Bottomkoter Aqua Fiberglass Bottomkoter
Non Antifouling VCr Performance Epoxy - VCr Performance Epoxy -
Top Shelf Next Best Top Shelf Next Best
Self-Polishing Copolymers Micronr 66 N/A N/A N/A
Controlled Solubility Copolymers Micronr Extra Micronr CSC Micronr Extra Micronr CSC
Ablative Fiberglass Bottomkoter ACT Super Ablative Fiberglass Bottomkoter ACT Super Ablative
Hard Ultra, Ultra-Koter Fiberglass Bottomkoter Ultra, Triluxr 33 VC 17mr Extra
Non Antifouling - - VCr Performance Epoxy -
This chart is for guidance only. Your Boat and the conditions in which you use your boat will vary.

Antifouling type is dictated by the quality, combinatino, quantity and type of resin.
SELF-POLISHING COPOLYMERS - SPC technology antifoulings work because the film contains a patented resin called an 'SPC Copolymer'. This copolymer reacts with saltwater in a controlled way. As a result, the chemical reaction controls and sustains the release of biocides throughout the lifetime of the antifouling without decline. This chemical reaction will take place at the same rate whether you boat is underway or sitting at the dock. This type of technology has previously only been available in tin-based copolymer coatings, which are restricted in their use to boats over 82 feet in length. This new, patented Interluxr technology is available for professional application to boats of all sizes. It is not recommended for use in fresh water.
For Self-Polishing Copolymers use Micronr 66r

CONTROLLED SOLUBILITY COPOLYMERS or CONTROLLED DEPLETION POLYMERS - These types of antifoulings are partially soluble which means that as water passes across the surface of the coating, it wears down much like a bar of soap would wear away. The physical action of the water over the surface steadily reduces the thickness of the paint at a controlled rate, which results in always having fresh biocide at the surface of the paint throughout the season. For this reason these types of antifoulings have the capability to perform in the areas of highest fouling challenge. Boats painted with Controlled Solubility Copolymers can be hauled and relaunched without repainting since the biocides are chemically bound to the paint film and are only active when in the water. The longevity of these coatings is related to the thickness of the paint.
For Controlled Solubility Copolymer Antifoulings use Micronr Extra with Bioluxr, Micronr CSC or Micronr Optima.

ABLATIVE ANTIFOULINGS - Ablative antifoulings wear away with use like the controlled depletion polymers but at a much less controlled rate. Ablative antifoulings are affected more by water temperature, salinity and alkalinity than are the controlled depletion polymers and generally wear away faster. They are less expensive than controlled depletion polymers and they provide excellent antifouling protection but they don't last as long as the controlled depletion polymers or controlled solubility copolymers.
For Ablative Antifoulings use Fiberglass Bottomkoter ACT.

HARD ANTIFOULINGS - The technical term for these types of antifouling paints is 'contact leaching'. The paint dries to a porous film that is packed with biocides, which leach out on contact with water to prevent fouling growth. This leaching is chemically designed to release biocide throughout the season, but the amount will steadily decrease until there is not enough biocide coming out of the paint film to maintain fouling protection. Once the biocide is exhausted, the hard paint film remains on the boat. Hard antifoulings do not retain their antifouling ability out of the water and cannot be hauled and relaunched without repainting. One of the main benefits of this type of antifouling is its resistance to abrasion and rubbing. This makes it ideal for fast powerboats, racing sailboats or boats where the owners have the bottoms scrubbed regularly. Most hard antifouling paints can be wet sanded and burnished prior to launch to reduce drag and improve hull speed.
For Hard Antifoulings use Ultra with Bioluxr, Ultra-Koter, Fiberglass Bottomkoter or Fiberglass Bottomkoter Aqua. For Hard Racing Finishes use VCr Offshore with Teflonr, Baltoplate, VC 17mr Extra or VC 17mr.

How much antifouling
paint do I need?
Powerboat Sailboat
Waterline Length (feet) 20 25 30 35 40 20 25 30 35 40
standard range
3 4 6 8 10 3 4 5.5 7 9
VC 17m / VC 17m Extra
3 4 5.5 7.5 9.5 2.5 3 4.5 5.5 7.5
Conventional One-Part Products This system provides a good level of protection
Stage Product Aluminum Steel Wood
Clean Fiberglass Solvent Wash 202 or
Fiberglass Surface Prep YMA601
or Special Thinner 216
YES YES 202 or 216
Sand - grind or sandblast grind or sandblast Sand with 80 grit sandpaper
Surface Primer Viny-Lux Primewash 353/354 1 coat 1 coat DO NOT USE
Primer Primoconr 1 coat 1 coat 1 coat (thinned 10-15%)
Filler Watertite as needed as needed as needed
Primer Primoconr 2-3 coats 2-3 coats 1-2 coats
Antifouling Interluxr Antifouling 2-3 coats 2-3 coats 2-3 coats
Drying Information 50° F 73° F 95° F
Touch Dry (ISO) 3 hours 2 hours 1 hour
Immersion 16 hours 12 hours 8 hours

Disclaimer: Charts apply to Interlux products only. The information provided is not intended to be exhaustive. Because does not know how this information is being used, they cannot take responsibility for any actions as a result.

The performance of marine paint on many factors outside the control of, including surface preparation, proper application, and environmental conditions. Therefore, cannot guarantee this product's suitability for your particular purpose or application.

By purchase or use of this product, buyer agrees that the sole and exclusive remedy, if any, is limited to the refund of the purchase price or replacement of the product at's option.

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Product specifications:

  • Brand Interlux
  • Manufacturer Sku V116G
  • UPC 081948191166
  • Has Fitment Data N/A
  • Days to ship from warehouse - 1
  • Special Savings N/A
  • Pitch N/A
  • Fabric N/A
  • Warranty Period N/A
  • Length (ft.) N/A
  • Rotation N/A
  • Blade Count N/A
  • Diameter N/A
  • Bilge Port Size N/A
  • Bilge GPH N/A
  • Voltage N/A
  • Thickness N/A
  • Engine Cylinders N/A
  • Engine Year N/A
  • Propeller Material N/A
  • Cable Length N/A
  • Your Engine N/A
  • Your Honda Model N/A
  • Your Mercury Model N/A
  • Your Yamaha Model N/A
  • Your Suzuki Model N/A
  • Engine Component N/A
  • Length N/A
  • Boat Type N/A
  • Hull Type N/A
  • Size N/A
  • Height (in.) N/A
  • Length (in.) N/A
  • Width (in.) N/A
  • Max Beam Width (in.) N/A
  • Anchor Type N/A
  • Color N/A
  • Top Color N/A
  • Stripe Color N/A
  • Cover Color N/A
  • Length 6.875
  • Width 7.25
  • AC Outlets N/A
  • Accent Color N/A
  • Action N/A
  • Adapter Style N/A
  • Alternator Field Disconnect N/A
  • Amps N/A
  • Angle N/A
  • Antenna N/A
  • Antifouling Type Hard
  • Application N/A
  • Approved Boat Size N/A
  • Area N/A
  • Auto or Manual N/A
  • Banks N/A
  • Base Color N/A
  • Battery Compatibility N/A
  • Battery Switch Type N/A
  • Battery Types N/A
  • Blade Type N/A
  • Boat Manufacturer N/A
  • Boat Style N/A
  • Brush Type N/A
  • Bulb Type N/A
  • Button Type N/A
  • Candle Power N/A
  • Capacity N/A
  • Cartridge N/A
  • Charger Type N/A
  • Chest Size N/A
  • Circuit N/A
  • Color Blue
  • Color Family N/A
  • Compatibility Wood
  • Compatible Units N/A
  • Compound Type N/A
  • Connector Type N/A
  • Continuous Amps N/A
  • Control N/A
  • Crank N/A
  • Density/Strength N/A
  • Diameter N/A
  • Dimensions N/A
  • Engine Model N/A
  • Engine Type N/A
  • Exterior/Interior N/A
  • Features N/A
  • Female Connector N/A
  • Female Outlet N/A
  • Fiberglass Weight N/A
  • Fits N/A
  • Floor N/A
  • Format N/A
  • Fuel System Type N/A
  • Gallons N/A
  • Gallons Per Hour N/A
  • Gauge N/A
  • Gender N/A
  • Head Shape N/A
  • Height Range N/A
  • Hole Diameter N/A
  • Hole Size N/A
  • Horsepower N/A
  • Hose Attachment N/A
  • Hose Diameter N/A
  • Hose Length N/A
  • Hose Size N/A
  • Housing Color N/A
  • Ignition Type N/A
  • Includes N/A
  • Inflation Type N/A
  • Inlet Color N/A
  • Inlet Diameter N/A
  • Intermittent Amps N/A
  • Inverter Design N/A
  • Junior Sizes N/A
  • Lbs Tested N/A
  • Light Height N/A
  • Light Type N/A
  • Location N/A
  • Male Plug N/A
  • Manual Type N/A
  • Material N/A
  • Max Boat Weight N/A
  • Max HP N/A
  • Max Panel N/A
  • Max Rope Size N/A
  • Max Through Hull N/A
  • Max Thrust N/A
  • Max Voltage N/A
  • Max Watts N/A
  • Mount Alignment N/A
  • Mount Diameter N/A
  • Mount Height N/A
  • Mount Location N/A
  • Mount Size N/A
  • Mount Type N/A
  • Nautical Mile Visibility N/A
  • Network Compatability N/A
  • Number of Outlet Ports N/A
  • Number of Pieces N/A
  • Outlet Color N/A
  • Outlet Diameter N/A
  • Outlet Size N/A
  • Paint Type N/A
  • Panel Type N/A
  • Parts N/A
  • Passengers N/A
  • Pedestal Diameter N/A
  • Pedestal Height N/A
  • Pedestal Parts N/A
  • Pedestal Safety Rating N/A
  • Pedestal Size N/A
  • Pin Length N/A
  • Plug Diameter N/A
  • Pole Length N/A
  • Polish Type N/A
  • Recommended N/A
  • Positions N/A
  • Power N/A
  • Power Options N/A
  • Power Source N/A
  • Primary Color N/A
  • Pump length N/A
  • Pump Type N/A
  • Rail Size N/A
  • Rate of Cure N/A
  • Receptacle Number N/A
  • Recommended Boat Size N/A
  • Resin Type N/A
  • Ride In or On N/A
  • Riders N/A
  • Rocker Type N/A
  • Rod Length N/A
  • Safety Standard N/A
  • Screen Size N/A
  • Screw Size N/A
  • Seat Features N/A
  • Seat Mount Included N/A
  • Seat Type N/A
  • Secondary Color N/A
  • Shaft Diameter N/A
  • Shaft Length N/A
  • Shank Size N/A
  • Shape N/A
  • Size Quart
  • Sleeve Length N/A
  • Speed N/A
  • Spliced N/A
  • Steps N/A
  • Strap/Cable N/A
  • Style N/A
  • Switch Type N/A
  • Terminals N/A
  • Thread Size N/A
  • Toggle Type N/A
  • Total Amps N/A
  • Type N/A
  • Usage N/A
  • Vertical Lift Capacity N/A
  • Viscosity N/A
  • Visibility (Nautical Miles) N/A
  • Wax Type N/A
  • Year N/A
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