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All Aboard: Dogs (Dog Life vests)

Article courtesy of Paws Aboard

Let's face it, your dog is probably a valued member of your family...perhaps even taking priority over some of your real children. We won't tell Santa if you agree. With that being said, Fido most likely joins in all sorts of family activities including one of the family favorites, boating. When the weather is right and everyone is preparing the boat for your day of fun and sun, Fido is usually the first passenger aboard the vessel looking out for fish. Those fish can be sneaky you know, and someone needs to keep them in line. What Fido doesn't know is that the same safety rules should apply to him.

Boat, check. Family, check. Food, check. Lifejackets, check! What about Fido's life jacket? You'd put a lifejacket on your kid, why not your dog? Safety first. Fun second. Sunscreen third. Aloe fourth.

Although dogs are great listeners when food is involved, their selective hearing sometimes kicks in when you're out having fun on the boat or yelling at them to stop chasing that pesky neighborhood squirrel.

Curious as they may be, jumping off the boat to chase one of the kids or a fish is not something you want to deal with on a boat day with your family. Having your best friend in a doggy life jacket with an easy-to-grab top handle to pull them back into the boat is a must. But can't dog's swim you say? Yes....and no. Even if your dog is Lochte-like in the water, they also get tired and having them suited up in a safe and comfortable doggy life jacket will keep them afloat and paddlin' all day long.

Still asking yourself why your dog needs a life jacket when they're in or around the water? Read this, and then determine if you're willing to reconsider. Life jackets are important pieces for the boaters, even required by law. So does a boater's dog really need a jacket? A small or large dog, any breed, is going to benefit from wearing a personal flotation device. Chihuahua to Yellow Lab, puppy to senior dog, the difference between a dog drowning or surviving depends on many factors. Even if the dog can swim, being knocked unconscious, being hurt, or becoming disoriented are all huge factors on whether the dog will survive. A life jacket will always come to the rescue in these cases.

Still need more convincing? To break it down even further, not all dogs are expert swimmers even if they appear to have fun in the beach or pool. Dogs with low body fat can develop problems with swimming for long periods; also dogs with hip problems can find it difficult. Not only is a life jacket beneficial for your dog's survival in a horrible scenario, the dog's life jacket could save your own human life. If your dog falls or jumps off the boat, getting them immediately back on board is important to your family's safety as well as the safety of other boaters in the area, especially if this happens around the dock. Most life jackets are designed with a handle on top for easy grabbing so you can quickly pull them back in the boat.

They're easier to bring onboard with the PFD's handle.

Bottom line is, most boaters are programmed to focus on safety as the number one priority, and now all boaters have another member of their family to consider sporting a life jacket.

Think ahead. Although the icicles are forming as winter approaches, your next boating season is right around the corner so be prepared with your doggy life jacket. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, so make sure their life jacket fits properly or else it will defeat the purpose. Get ahead of the game and consider doing your research on dog life jackets or perhaps give one as a gift during this holiday season.

Paws Aboard Doggy Life Jackets come is sizes to fit most breeds. features many of the Paws Aboard products for on and off the water.

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Paws Aboard's mission is to deliver excellent quality products focusing on the active lifestyle of pet owners; on land, in the water, or while traveling away from home.

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