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Having a throwable flotation device is essential for any boater with safety in mind. With our options ranging from all styles of life-lines and buoys, to Garelick's rescue hooks, to convenient floating seat cushions from Kent, Taylor Made, or Jim-Buoy, you're sure to find the throwable floatation device that will best suit your needs.

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How to Survive in Cold Water

This video will explain the most effective ways of surviving in cold water.

Video Transcript


Everybody it's Rob Nelson. Now if you spent any time on a boat then you're probably aware that accidents can happen. Sometimes you fall overboard from a boat let's just say and you need to be prepared for emergencies right. Now one of the important things that if you go overboard, you want to make sure you don't go hypothermic. So you got to make sure you're prepared for cold water emergent. That is why we made this little clip. Check it out.


Surviving cold water immersion! Just because it's sunny and warm outside doesn't mean that water temperature can't kill you. Cold water immersion ranges from immediate cold jock to post emergent collapse, so follow these steps. Keep calm and control your breathing. Get out of the water as soon as possible. If you can't, keep your head and neck out of the water. Huddle with others to retain body heat or if you are alone keep your knees and arms in and float to conserve energy. And once out of the water, get to dry clothes shelter and warmth immediately.


Now if you like that little clip then you're probably going to want to see the whole video, which you can see at It's a site where you can get certified in boat safety and of course leave your comments. We love to hear from you and we'll see you next time.

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