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Boat Trailer Hand Winches How-Tos

Warm Gear Winches by Dutton Lainson

See the important difference of using a "worm gear" hand winches by Dutton Lainson.

Video Transcription

At the Dutton Lainson Company, we love our worm gear winches. Their straight forward design is easy to use, they operate quietly and they are self-locking.

Also they are geared fairly low, which allows for operations with minimal effort. However, this also results in slower operation.

Combat this issue by getting the worm gear winch equipment with the hex drive, a special hex steel shaft that allows you to quickly operate the winch using any electric drill with the 5/8 inch socket.

Simply attach the socket to the hex shaft and power the drill at low or moderate speed to significantly increase the operating speed of your winch.

Don't have your electric drill handy? No problem, hex drive worm gear winches can also be engaged by an optional handle that fits onto the hex steel shaft.

Using an electric drill to greatly increase the speed of your worm gear winch, that's the Dutton Lainson difference.

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