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Let's Talk About Keel Refinishing

Imagine it's been a great day of boating and you're pulling up to the dock. You feel a bump underneath the boat. That's a dreadful feeling and gives every boat owner a nice little scare. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger right? Well, that rule doesn't apply to boats, and it is time to do some repair. Small gouges, scrapes, etc. are no strangers to the avid boater. Please note that if you are unsure what type of damage is on your boat, you should always take it into a boat mechanic first to assess the damage.

The first thing to do is see if any structural damage exists or if it's simply cosmetic. If there is structural, then you will need to take it into boat manufacturer for fiberglass repair. Depending on the size of the project, you could sand down and repair it with a fiberglass repair kit. In general, structural damage involves the disruption of the laminate system of the boat's construction. Damage like major cracks, gouges, frayed glass, etc. If it's cosmetic, you will just need to assess how much damage has been done. You can simply smooth area by sanding then wipe it down with acetone and mix up some gel coat. All these products are purchasable on! Gel coat can match your original color. You will just need to know the year and the exact color you require. Once the gel coat is applied then you just sand, buff, and polish and relish in completing this do-it-yourself project. Keep in mind that if you keep your boat in the water you will then need to apply the correct primer and antifouling paint. You can also put more protection on your keel by applying a Keel Guard, which also offers.

There is also something called beach rash on your boat. Beach rash is essentially scratches and small gouges on your boat, and this is something you want to avoid. Never hesitate to throw a Keel Guard or Keel Shield on there. Keel Guard or Shield will protect your keel, so you're not doing as many repairs. offers this product, and you will need to identify the length you need. When installing, be sure you are in an environment that is a minimum of 60 degrees Fahrenheit and make use of the Scuff Buster offered. Be sure that you do not touch the adhesive side. Be sure to install your guard or shield correctly the first time. Taking these precautions will be worth your investment especially if you're boating in shallow areas where you can bottom out. Remember the keel is like the spine of your boat and so you will want to make sure that is protected. Keep your ride alive and if you do need keel protection or repairing, remember offers what you need.

Megaware Keelguard Tip (Video)

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What you're looking at is the keel on a fiberglass boat. It's one of the lowest spots on the vessel - down beneath the water line. What happens is that whenever you pull up on to the beach or on a sandbar, the keel will drag through the sand. And over time your gel coat will literally get sanded away. Exposing fiberglass to the point where it too can start wearing away. And that's not good.

Hi - I'm David Shumway, president of MegaWare KeelGuard. Keel damage is one of those problems that kind of sneaks up on you. You really don't notice it right away and you really don't think about your keel being exposed to underwater obstructions until it is too late. What we've been providing the boating industry for the past 20 years to protect the boat and gel coat from damage is the KeelGuard. Let me show it to you.

It's made from an ultra-tough yet very pliable polymer composite with a 3m pressure sensitive adhesive that once installed takes the shock from an underwater hit or any other abuse. Protecting your boats hull.

Installation is simple - first we mask off the area on the keel where the new KeelGuard will be applied. Then using the supplied scotch bright pad, lightly etch the surface removing any waxes or contaminates. We then apply a thin coat of the 3m primer that is also part of the kit. Once that is done, we'll peel back the protective liner, exposing the 3m pressure sensitive adhesive on the back side of the KeelGuard - pressing it into place using our patented burnishing tool. Starting at the top of the keel and working our way from front to rear.

The KeelGuard comes with our famous hassle free lifetime warranty. If it should ever wear out or fail for any reason - you get a new one free. It's that simple. To find out more about MegaWare KeelGuard, the colors they're available in, and the length that might fit your particular boat, log onto and give your boat the edge.

KeelShield The Ultimate in Hull Protection (Video)

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Video Transcript

Keelshield - a revolutionary marine product designed to protect your keel from damage like this. Keelshield provides protection against scratches from beaching, boat ramps, launching, retrieving, and more.

Keelshield protectors come in a variety of colors and are ready to install with no special tools or equipment needed. Complete

with one of the strongest 3M adhesive systems available. Backed with a 100%, no questions asked, lifetime guarantee. Look for the gator and beach your boat with the ultimate in hull protection.

Megaware Keelguard Video

Keel Shields are designed to protect your boats keel in the event you run it up on the beach or rocks. If you beach your boat without a Keel Guard it will wear into the gel-coat and damage the fiberglass. When this happens its costly to repair and can provide more friction causing lower boat speeds.

Video Transcript

We all love our boats. The fun making those incredible memories yet we often overlook the most abused spot on the craft; the keel. They are hidden oyster beds, reefs, sandbars. In fact just beaching grinds away paint, fiberglass and gel coat just like that. So do yourself and your boat a favor, opt for the keel protector that comes with a lifetime warranty. Megaware Keelguard it will give you peace of mind and protect your valuable investment for years to come.

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