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Boat Swim Platforms How-Tos

How to Install a Swim Platform On My Boat

When installing a swim platform onto your boat, it is recommended that two people participate in the process. The key concept to remember while installing a swim platform is to measure several times before drilling. As you are preparing to drill and mount, the platform can sit perfectly balanced on top of the stern eyes. Align it, so it is perfectly lateral with the water line. A helpful tip to consider in balancing the platform is to use the rope from your trailer (if you have one) and support it through the cleats and pulling it more securely toward the transom. You will be required to pull and adjust the rubber trim as you go.


Installing the Brackets


  • 4 metal brackets
  • 1 plastic bracket


The four metal brackets are used primarily for securing the platform in place while mounting it. The plastic bracket is needed to help center the platform in place. These brackets are not pre-installed. You will mount them as part of the installation process. There are five designated holes that you will drill on the platform for these brackets - two holes are for the hull, and the other three are for the platform.

Drilling and Installing the Bolts


  • 3 bolts for the platform
  • 4 bolts for the hull
  • Plastic blocks


Marking and drilling as you go is important when installing a swim platform. At this point, you will align the platform on the brackets and center them perfectly. There will be a slight gap on the hull. There are some plastic blocks that you will place within the hull. Again, marking and drilling as you go is crucial. After drilling, you will seal and secure the bolts and blocks into place.

Making the Final Alignments


  • Rod Supports
  • 1 short rod
  • 1 long rod


Shortly after sealing the bolts and blocks, you will install and secure the rod supports. The shorter rod is put in around the ladder area, and the longer rod will be put in above the hull. Tweak the ends so that they align with the transom and platform. As you drill holes and align the rods, caulk the holes and use hex lag screws to secure everything into place. Additionally, you will need to countersink, or implement the gel coat as you go. After measuring and verifying the locations of the drilled holes and other specifications, you should be ready to go with your newly installed swim platform.

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