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Blue Sea Systems: Add-A-Battery Explained

Learn about the importance of adding a second battery to your boat to ensure your boat starts.

Infographic: Add-A-Batter Kits Explained

A common inconvenience you should always be ready to remedy is batteries that die and refuse to start. Failure to observe your battery and prevent this from happening early on will require you to tow your boat to a mechanic. And, taking your boat to the mechanic will take up a lot of unnecessary time and money. If you run into this problem, there is a solution: obtain a second battery for the electrical system. Specifically, the Add-A-Battery kit contains a Dual Circuit Plus Battery switch, along with an Automatic Charging Relay (You may choose between either battery isolator or zero drop isolators).

Once installed, the system takes care of itself, requiring only to flip an on/off switch when you are on or off the deck. Investing in a second battery would be particularly useful in unpredictable circumstances. Having a second battery will lessen the chance and risk of getting stranded out on the water. This battery collects its energy and power from linking to one single charge source known as the House battery. The House battery is the original battery before the addition of a second battery.

When the engine is turned on, the Automatic Charging Relays combine the two energies of the House battery with a second battery. When the engine is turned off, the energy is completely excluded to the House battery. The Automatic Charging Relays isolate the batteries when they are being discharged. Add-A-Battery kits are practical and useful, and they play a crucial part in preventing batteries from going dead and keeping boaters from being stranded.

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