Marine Battery Switches

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Marine Battery Switches How-Tos

Blue Sea Systems Tech Tip: Battery Switches Explained

Infographic: Marine Battery Switches Explained

Blue Sea Systems Tech Tip: Dual Circuit Plus Explained

Here you can learn how charge coordination works with our Tech Tip's thorough explanation.

Infographic: Dual Circuit Plus Explained

The Dual Circuit Plus system is best known for its ability to prolong the life of the battery and prevent it from dying. It is useful in the following scenarios:

  • Reducing the time that is ordinarily required to check the battery.
  • Using unpredictable, vulnerable electronics.
  • When it can be paired up with an Automatic Charging Relay (ACR)

This switch is designed to supply extra power to devices that are hooked up to certain battery banks. Separating the energy of the designated electronic and the engine bank helps to preserve the battery's power and prevents the most sensitive electronics from being damaged by voltage spikes while it is starting up. Together with an Automatic Charging Relay (ACR), the two charges combine and flows to the alternator. This combination creates a battery charge that is twice as effective and helps the battery live at least three times as long. Here are some things to consider when pairing the Dual Circuit Plus system with the ACR:

  • You will need to turn the switch into the On position when you are operating it with the power on.
  • If you do not use any power and are storing your application, keep the switch on the Off position.
  • When you are jump-starting the application, be sure to turn the switch to the designated half point. Once the engine has been running for a minute, switch it to the On position.
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