Marine Electrical Panel Labels and Accessories

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Marine Electrical Panel Labels & Accessories How-Tos

Blue Sea Systems Tech Tip: Blue Sea Systems Labels Explained

Here you can learn to understand the Blue Sea system labels.

Infographic: Ignition Protection Explained

Blue Sea Systems manufactures custom adhesive labels for boaters to stick to their panels and other applications. These labels are either clear or black-colored material, made of waterproof polycarbonate components. The print on the labels is on the back side where the adhesive is. Designing the labels this way has proven to be more effective in preventing the print from getting scratched off over time. Blue Sea System labels can be custom designed in any font and any language and can be easily purchased online. They are made to match different types of panel formats in all sorts of sizes, depending on the purchaser's personal preference. Blue Sea Systems adhesive labels make things much more convenient for boaters in locating the right controls and accessories on their applications.

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