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Blue Sea Systems Tech Tip: The Benefit of Serrated Flange Nuts

Here you can learn about the importance of Serrated Flange Nuts.

Infographic: The Benefit of Serrated Flange Nuts

Many wire connections these days are shipped with serrated flange nuts, which has proven to have many advantages. The serrated flange nuts replace the traditional nut and split washer designs, which guarantees a better connection between the wire and the screws and nuts. You will want to make sure you install it correctly. The wire will go through the screw first, followed by the nut, then the washer. Do NOT put the wire between the nut and a washer. That is incorrect installation.

Furthermore, keep in mind that a larger base will require more torque to loosen the nut. Also, the larger circular base releases heavy pressure in order to secure a tight grip/hold.

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