Marine Speakers How-Tos

5 Professional Tips for Choosing Boat Speakers

Learn Several Tips When Looking to Buying Speakers For Your Boats Sound System!

Tip #1

It is important to begin the process of purchasing new marine audio speakers by knowing where you are going to place them on the boat. Do you want to place them in the same spot as the speakers you are replacing? Or, are you going to install the marine speakers in a completely different areas around the boat? These are important questions to ask before your begin your search for new speakers. Remember that boat speakers line of direction in linear. This means that depending on where you place them, the placing can effect the quality of sound.

Tip #2

Once you have determined where you want to place the speakers, make sure there is nothing around them that could potential damage the speaker or could effect the neighboring component. Speakers have powerful magnets in them. Putting them too close to certain parts, the magnet could disrupt the integrity of the other function and could potentially create major problems and expenses.

Tip #3

If you only plan on replacing the original speakers in your boat, be conscious that not all speakers are the same size, shape or depth. Therefore, it is extremely important to know the size, width and height of the speaker opening to make sure you purchase the correct size and shape, i.e., round or rectangular. In addition, look at the connecting parts to make sure those haven't been damage and need replacing while you're inside the compartment.

Tip #4

If you want your system to be loud and heard while moving quickly across the water, you will want to look into purchasing a Amplifier (AMP) to boost your system so it can be heard under most situations. It is fair to assume that a basic stereo system may not have the volume capabilities you would need to satisfy your level of volume. Therefore, knowing this, you may want to look into buy an AMP.

Tip #5

When cleaning your boat at the end of the season or the end of the day, be sure to be careful when spraying the inside of the boat. There are a lot of components that provide you with sound that you need to be aware of. If you hit one of your speakers (even if it's water resistant) you can still damage the speaker and effect the quality of sound. So, be sure to hand clean your marine speakers and not spray them.

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