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Do your boat electronics have need of an upgrade? With iboats' selection of the newest models of marine electronics available, upgrading to the latest and greatest is easy. You can also save a few bucks by choosing an older model that has all the functionality you need. Get your electronics delivered and on your boat FAST, with our everyday low shipping rates and affordable 2-Day Air Service. Get more for your dollar, and deck out your boat with the latest marine electronics, all from iboats.com.

Let the Tunes be Heard!

Crank up the music on your boat this weekend with a new marine sound system from brands like Boss, JBL, Jensen, and Poly Planar. Revamp that aging system with one of our many stereo packages. Want more ""pop" from your system? Build a custom sound system with iboats' selection of marine-grade quality receivers, speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers to create the ultimate sound system for your boat. While you're at it, add a new marine satellite antenna with receiver and entertain in style. Now it's easy to keep everyone on your boat entertained with help from iboats' large selection of marine audio and visual electronics.

Track Down that Big Catch with a Fish Finder or GPS Combo Unit

Has that big catch eluded you for too long? With a Fish Finder, no fish can hide from you this weekend. iboats.com carries a Fish Finder for every price range, from value-priced monochrome models to state-of-the-art models with color screens and dual-beam transducer technology. With a GPS Chart Plotter, navigate directly to your favorite fishing spots. Use the GPS memory feature to get back there fast, so you have more time to reel in that big catch. Navigate any body of water with iboats' many chart plotter options. With Finders, Combo Units, and Plotters from brands like Humminbird, Garmin, Lowrance, and Furuno, you'll keep those fish running for years and stay safer on the water too.

VHF Radios for Reliable Marine Communications and Safety

A VHF radio is a must for any boat! Whether you're planning a long trip or going to the lake this weekend, make sure your boat is equipped with a VHF marine radio from iboats.com. Choose from a Fixed Mount or Handheld unit and always have a form of contact in case an emergency arises while on the water. With our selection of Antennas and VHF Radio accessories, make sure your radio is always ready to go. Keep your family and friends safe with the added security of a VHF radio from brands like Uniden, Raymarine, Standard Horizon, Cobra and more.

More Choices and Better Prices on Marine Electronics at iboats.com

With quality value-priced marine electronics at iboats.com, you can afford to upgrade your boat with all the functionality you want, whether Fish Finders for help landing your catch, or sound systems for entertaining. Save time and money by getting direct-to-your-door delivery. And if you have questions on some of the features of the marine electronics products, let our experienced customer service team help you find the best deals.

Marine Electronics How-Tos

Boating Electronics - What They Are, And How They Improve My Boating Experience

Many people simply love being out in the lake, sea, or ocean. Maybe it's because of the oneness with nature, or the wide open spaces, or for fun and recreation, or the peace and tranquility. Well, you can always take the memorable

Hauling the fish on board, or trying to angle the elusive marlin, or bluefin can be made more entertaining and convenient by installing various boating electronics. This will allow you simply to sit on the deck and gaze at the sea while enjoying some soothing music. You may also decide to let the autopilot take charge of the yacht, or ship.

Marine Weather Terminology

When you accept the keys to any boat or vessel, you are obligated to become familiar with various marine weather terms and natural events that will help you avoid

Dense Fog Advisory

A dense fog advisory is issued when anticipated widespread fog is expected to appear within a 24 hour period. The fog appears within a designated radius of a 1/4 mile or less and can last for 3 hours or more.

Gale Warning

Gale warnings may sometimes precede hurricane warnings, depending on the wind's speed, consistency, and intensities. A gale warning issue is when winds between 39 and 54 MPH are expected to occur within a 24 hour period. These winds can be frequent gusts or consistent winds.

Hurricane Watch/Warning

Hurricane warnings are advised to be taken very seriously, whether the chance of them actually occurring is high or low. A hurricane watch or warning is sent out when consistent or frequent winds reach at least 74 MPH. These winds often come with high, rough waters out at sea. They are anticipated to appear between 12 and 24 hours. Evacuate any area that has a possibility of this occurrence as quickly as possible.

Inland Hurricane Wind Warning

This warning is when hurricane winds of 74+ MPH begin to migrate toward the shore within 24 hours. A Hurricane is not always guaranteed to occur, but evacuation is recommended in severe cases.

Saffir-Simpson Scale

The Saffir-Simpson scale is an official calculation of wind levels that classify a hurricane. The scale ranges between the numbers 1 and 5, 1 being the least severe and 5 being the most severe. The winds are measured in the following statistics:

  • 2: 96-110 MPH
  • 3: 111-129 MPH
  • 4: 130-156 MPH
  • 5: 157+ MPH

Severe thunderstorm warnings will be sent out when winds reach at least 58 MPH and hail that is at least 3/4 inches in diameter, begins to fall.

Small Craft Advisory

Small craft advisories are directed primarily at smaller vessels when weather conditions might be particularly rough at sea. Be aware of wind speeds and wave heights. If the waves reach 4 feet or higher, you will want to evacuate the area ASAP.

Storm Warning

General storm warnings are when winds are expected to reach 55-73 MPH within a 24-hour time frame.

Tropical Storm Watch/Warning

Tropical Storm warning is announced if, within a 24-36 hour period, there is a storm surge, costal/river flooding, and/or consistent winds between 39-73 MPH. These primarily occur in tropical environments.


A waterspout is a water tornado or a tornado that forms over the water. These are common in tropical areas like the Gulf of Mexico. However, they can form over any body of water, including freshwater lakes and coastal areas.

Wind Advisory

A warning that is when sustained winds of 31-39 MPH or frequent gusts of the wind between 46-57 MPH are expected to last for 3 hours or more.

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