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KiwiGrip Nonskid Coating

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KiwiGrip Non Skid Deck System that offers a beautiful, high traction surface. 


Create a custom tailored texture on any wood, fiberglass, epoxy, concrete or metal surface (with proper primer). This hard acrylic polymer proveds a durable, homogenous and elastic surface that will not wear through to expose filler materials. Also contains UV stabilizer for consistent color.

  • Cleans easily with soap and water
  • No volatile solvents - very low VOC
  • Low - glare, IR reflective finish
  • Rolls on nicely over other worn non-skid surfaces with only a scrub and scuff up. No need to sand or grand first.
  • Perfect  Do-It-Yourself project
  • Cures in 24 hours
  • One Coat Application
  • Easy re-coat and repair: just clean the old and roll on the new
  • No Masking required (although recommended)

Coverage: A liter will cover about 20 square feet while a 4 liter can will cover about 80 square feet.Application is very thick - about 2 to 3 mm (slightly less than 1/8 inch).

Color Options: Loaded with a UV stabilizer for consistent color, available in four standard colors: blue, gray, cream, and white.Or buy a neutral base to create a custom color.


Adjustable Texture:  The proprietary "loopy-goopy" roller creates the texture as it passes over the coating, the open cells leave peaks behind. By pressing firmly on the roller, you can get taller peaks while a lighter pressure will give you a less aggressive texture. A super aggressive texture can be attained by allowing KiwiGrip to get slightly tacky then rolling over it again. We recommend experimenting on a small surface before tackling your entire deck.


Achieving even thickness in coats: Start with a 4" brush or a serrated 4" putty knife to spread the KiwiGrip on the deck then even it out with the loopy-goopy texturing roller (included with purchase). If coating over a darker surface, use two thin coats with brush and roller rather than one single thick layer. (Watch out for splatters - wipe up with damp rag.)

Applying KiwiGrip over old non-skid: Scrub the surface thoroughly with a wire brush to make sure the peaks and valleys are dulled off then scrub with boat soap and water. Allow to dry completely before masking and applying KiwiGrip. KiwiGrip will generally hide old non-skid that is less than 1.5mm in height.


Cure Times: Apply only between 50º and 90º F - allow 1 hour to dry at 77ºF and at least 4 hours before re coating. Humidity will extend drying time. KiwiGrip will tack up in under an hour and can be walked on barefoot in 12-24 hours. Soft sole shoes are okay on the 2nd day after application and hard sole shoes on the 3rd day. It will progressively harden over the first couple of weeks.Do not apply KiwiGrip if conditions are expected to fall outside application window before KiwiGrip is fully dry. Application in direct sunlight an din hot conditions significantly reduce tack time (add up to 10% water to extend tack time). Drying time in cold conditions is significantly extended (moving air from a fan or breeze will shorten drying time).



Cleaning and Maintenance: KiwiGrip is impervious to common caustics like soda, alcohol and detergents, however diesel, oil, acetone, and gasoline spills should not be allowed to pool. Quickly mop up spills, and promptly scrub with a detergent boat soap using a soft bristle brush and water. Stains from tea, coffee, and wine are easy to clean off. The acrylic formula is mold and mildew resistant but should be washed regularly to avoid dirt accumulating in the valleys which can lead to mold and fungus growth. You can use a high pressure washer after applying a boat cleaning detergent. Bleach may be used in a very mild form only.


Coloring and Application: See application instructions for step by step directions. KiwiGrip is a gel that gets its texture from the unique roller sleeve that comes with KiwiGrip. Your result depends on your technique as well as your application conditions. Immediately after rolling out your KiwiGrip gel into a nice uniform miniature mountain range pattern, the peaks start to settle under the effect of gravity.


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