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About Trolling Motor Electronics Connectors & Cables

i-Pilot Does The Thinking For You

The i-Pilot system revolutionized trolling motors and what they can do by bringing GPS technology to the motor, allowing anglers to record their favorite trolling tracks and fishing holes so they can spend more time fishing and less time managing their boat. Do you wish you could hold your boat in one location so your casts go where you want them? With the Spot-Lock feature you can, i-Pilot controls your trolling motor to keep you in the same position while you cast, so you can get your lure directly where the fish are. With the i-Pilot remote, controlling your trolling motor is made easy - using wireless capabilities to control your trolling motor from anywhere on your boat. Connect your Humminbird Fish Finder to your trolling motor for the ultimate fishing experience. With i-Pilot Link, your Humminbird fish finder and your trolling motor speak to each other to be your perfect A-team while fishing. Let the innovations of i-Pilot and GPS control your boat, while you control your line and lure to reel in the catch-of-the-day.

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