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Info About Common Hose Clamps

Hose clamps - are used to seal spaces and attach hoses to other fittings. They are for fuel lines to connect to other engine parts as well as interior plumbing. They clamp down tight on the area placed so that there is no leakage or damage.

Worm gear clamps - clamps that have a receiving end that fits the screw or worm part that fits into the end. When the screw enters, the tighter you turn it the tighter the clamp on the hose, by doing this it pulls the band together.

Spring clamps - are just that, they are big springs that have two protrusions where the spring would complete the circle. You can push the two protrusions together to loosen the clamp, so it fits the hose or space you're trying to seal. Then you release the lines you're holding for the clamp to tighten and fasten securely.

Ear clamps - fitted sizes that have a measured hole on one end and the opposite end there is a protrusion matching the hole so that you can bend it together to fit and lock securely.

Iboats offers a variety of styles of clamps as well as manufacturers. Our most popular clamp is the worm gear clampbecause you can adjust the tightness to fit your application. We also offer ear clamps that will fit the exact dimensions of what you are trying to seal off. We carry a variety of manufacturers from Seachoice and Mallory to Oetiker and Grainger. We have the clamps to fit any application you will need.

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