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  1. Masterflush 7100 Series Toilet
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  2. 14" Deluxe Flush Toilet (Jabsco)
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  3. Dometic Toilet Bowl Seal Kit
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  4. Johnson Pump Compact Silent Electric Toilet
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  5. Jabsco Solenoid Vacuum Valve Kit
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  6. Johnson Pump Comfort Manual Toilet
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  8. Johnson Pump Compact Manual Toilet
    Mfg SKU: 80-47229-01

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  10. Raritan Sea Era Dischargerepair Kit

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  11. Phii Hand & Pheii Electric Marine Toilets (Raritan)
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  17. Johnson Pump GASKET KIT
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  18. Johnson Pump BASE GASKET KIT
    Mfg SKU: 81-47268-01

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  20. Dometic 510+ TRAVELER TOILET-WHITE
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Items 1-30 of 97


About Marine Heads & Toilets

Our Marine Heads and Toilets category is home to a large variety of permanent install toilets for your boat. We offer top of the line Marine heads from trusted brands such as Raritan, Jabsco, Johnson Pump, and Thetford. Looking for a portable toilet? Find it here.

Marine Heads & Toilets How-Tos

Right Angle Discharge from Jabsco Marine Toilets.

This is a quick video on a 90 degree discharge port for your boats toilet bowl.

Thanks for watching. I'm Jeff Lander and I'm Mike Irving. And, from time to time we get questions: Do we have a 90 degree discharge elbow for either or 37010 or Quiet Flush series. And, the answer: Yes we do! It's actually an 87 degree but we call it a 90. It comes in two pieces, the yolk or the harnest that mounts to the base and then the discharge housing itself. The joker valve goes right inside of here. The nice think about this two part breakout is the fact is gives the discharge housing the ability to rotate, it facilitates installation making it a little bit easier for you. We do offer this. It is kind of like one of those hidden gems like Jeff has said. But yeah, if you need it, ask your local distributor to order you one and you should be good to go. Make sure you give them the part number: 37077-1000. Again, 90 degree discharge port, Jabsco part number 37077-1000. Thanks for watching I'm Jeff Lander and I'm Mike Irving. Check back soon for more tips and videos.

How to Indentify a Compact and Regular Size Toilet bowls for My Boat.

This is a quick video on finding out what size bowl you have. Part numbers, differences and similarities are discussed.

Thanks for watching. I'm Jeff Lander and I'm Mike Irving. Today we're going to show you how indentify whether you have a compact or regular size bowl. Now, if you're looking at the bowls, you're going to see that one is more elongated and the other one is more circular. So, lets flip them up. Open them up. And, there you see, circular... elongated. Now, the neat thing about these is, if you household size seat and a household size porcelain its actually going to be the same porcelain and seat as a 37010, Quiet Flush and the manual toilet. We use them across the board. And, same thing for the compact. We use the same porcelain and same seat for each of those sizes. Now, we get question like on whether the toilets are actually different in their pumps or in their parts. It's actually the same. The only difference between the household and the compact size toilets whether it be a 37010, Quiet Flush, or manual toilet is the bowl size and seat. So, same macerator pump, same pump assembly, so on so forth. People call because they want to replace the seat and lid. So, if you have a compact size bowl, the replacement seat and lid is a 29097-1000. If you have a household size bowl, the replacement seat and lid part number is a 29127-1000. What do you think? I think that wraps it up. Right? Hopefully this was informative. I'm Mike Irving and I'm Jeff Lander. Stayed tuned, we'll have more videos coming at ya.

Winterizing a Jabsco Toilet (Video)

How to winterize a marine Jabsco Toilet, presented by Jabsco

Video Transcription

Thanks for watching I'm Jeff Lander. And I'm Mike Harvey. And today we're going to show you how to winterize your raw water toilet flush, and your deluxe flush toilets.

Now these toilets are fed with a diaphragm pump. At the end of the season, you need to winterize that, to make sure it won't cause any damage from freezing water. First things first, locate the pump. Sometimes it's in bilge, sometimes it's behind the contour cabinet. Once you find it, that's when we're going to step in, and show you how to winterize the system. Let's head over to the boat, and we'll show you how. Let's get at it.

So now we're on the boat, and I'm going to show you how to winterize, your salt water flush, quiet flush, and deluxe flush toilets. So make sure we are tarmax handy with that short piece of hose, and our anti-freeze. And I'll have my screw driver, and disconnect that fore fitting. So here we have the rinse plug for the quiet flush. Just a little clip and I'm already take that off and put piece of hose on there. So way my screw driver, I'm gonna loosen the quick connecting fitting here. Once you hear it snaps, that means the port is ready to come out. So it's loosen, I take off the port fitting. Look out for some residual water in there. I take my other carmax fitting, slide it on, push the clip back in. and now I take my hose, and run it into my jug of anti-freeze right here. Once that's done, time to go up and run it through the toilet. Let's go. Now we're in the head compartment, and we just winterize the diaphragm pump, that brings the water in the toilet. So what we're going to do here.

We're going to pull the anti-freeze from the diaphragm pump, into the head compartment, and out to your holding tank, for overboard discharge. So what we're going to do here is to show you. We're gonna run the toilet, and you may see some water in here, some residual water from the hose down in the toilet. You should start seeing some of that pink antifreeze shortly. You can see it starts to become pink. The anti-freeze in the bottom of the toilet, and we're just going to hold it, and bring all the anti-freeze through. Now what you want to be aware of, it's really going to take a couple of gallons of anti-freeze to do your complete system. We definitely want to make sure your entire discharge is winterized. Now for instance if you have a 4 feet of lift, 4 feet of running the in-let hose line you got something like 8 or 9 feet of discharge. You want to make sure you get all the way through the discharge hose line, and have a holding tank to throw overboard. That was pretty cool. We spent the afternoon in Salem, Massachusetts. We got ourselves into some tight places, but you know what. It was worth it. We showed you how to winterize one of our toilets. Yeah for your sake, I hope the diaphragm is from a more accessible area than ours. I had to wiggle around to get in there, into some tight places. That I was sore for a couple days afterwards. But honestly, it's really not that hard of a procedure. Two things I wanna make you aware of. Is one, you still have to winterize the in-let hose, between the diaphragm pump and the seacock. The way you do that. Disconnect the hose, off the end of the pump. Pour some of the pro clean down in there, and reattach it to the pump. That will essentially winterize that inland hose. And the other thing is, when you're going through this.

Make sure you have a couple of gallons of that prophaline handy. Because what you wanna do, is you wanna make sure you get all that glicol into the pump, into the toilet, and all the way down you discharge hose lines. Either into the holding tank or the on board discharge. Now 2 gallons, sometimes a little bit more, but it should be enough. Thanks a lot for watching this episode of Jabsco Tech. I'm Mike Harvey, and I'm Jeff Lander. We'll see you back.