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Personal Watercraft Stopping Techniques

This video will explain the most effective techniques for stopping your Personal Water Craft.

Video Transcript

Hey everybody its Rob Nelson here. Did you know that if you're up on your PWC a.k.a. personal watercraft. There really are no breaks. When you pull off that throttle you're going to still keep going. With some of the newer models there is this thing called assisted braking, where it's actually going to slow you down pretty quick. So if you have never seen this before, we've made a little short video showing the difference. Check it out.
Personal watercraft stopping! It's a no-brainer boats and watercrafts can't stop on a dime because they don't have brakes like cars. If they shut off, momentum keeps them going, its simple physics right. So watch and see how far you might keep going when you release the throttle.
Throttle release! Even with assisted braking, personnel watercraft can travel pretty far depending of course how fast you're going when you release the throttle. Surprising isn't it, even machines with braking systems like these sea dudes can't stop immediately. So give yourself plenty of room to stop.
Now if you like that clip you're probably going to want to see the whole video, which you can do at It's a great little site where you can get certified in boat safety. And of course everybody out there leave comments, we love to hear what you think of the video and the topics and stuff like that. So see you next time. Bye.

Personal Watercraft Safety: Do's and Dont's

This video will explain the most effective techniques for stopping your Personal Water Craft.

Video Transcript

Personnel watercraft otherwise known as PWCs are extremely fun. They are small and maneuverable and you can zoom around and jump wakes and stuff. But there's a big difference between being a jerk and being really courteous when you're on your PWC. Now that's why we made this little video clip. Check it out.
Personnel watercraft courtesy! Now it's easy to see that these machines are fast and maneuverable so they naturally inspire fun on the water. And that's why sometimes they get a bad rap from a few people who recklessly hot dogging or disrespecting others by pushing the limits of fun.
So what's the difference between having fun and being a jerk while operating one of these machines?
Fun or jerk you pick. Attempting to spread others with your machine? No - you won't pick up any dates being a jerk.
Slows down and gives way to another passing boat? Yes - being nice makes it fun. Now what about jumping the wakes of other boats? Well that is also being a jerk. Now look at this idealist situation. Hot dogging too close to others - you scare the fish away and you are being a jerk.
Now what about going fast on wide open water? Now this is fun.
Now if you like that you're probably going to want to see the whole video at It's a site where you can get certified in boat safety. Of course leave comments for us, we love to hear from you and we'll see you next time.

Wake Jumping on a PWC

This video talks about the reality of wake jumping your PWC.

Video Transcript

Male 1: Wake jumping can get you in trouble because you can't see what's on the other side of that wake. If you get airborne, you lose all control of the vessel.
Male 2: The larger the wake, the higher that personal watercraft is going to elevate.
Male 3: You may end up spinning around in the air because you didn't have the kind of dynamics you thought you were going to have. You didn't think you had control of it like you thought.
Male 2: It's going to be a significant injury, very significant injury. A lot of those injuries result to the face, the jowl area, nose, we've seen a lot of those where they'll come down and hit their head on the steering wheel of the personal watercraft. They can be knocked unconscious.
Male 3: Worse yet, you may be overtopping in front of the PWC and here comes a 200-pound, 300-pound device landing right on top of you.
Male 1: A couple was wake jumping with four other personal watercrafts. As they were coming up to the wake to jump it one of the other personal watercrafts landed on top of them. Both of those people to this day are still quadriplegics.

PWC Dangers

This video talks about the importance of being extremely careful while riding your PWC.

Video Transcript

Speaker 1: People tend to treat PWCs like toys because they're so fast, they're so dynamic.
Speaker 2: They're meant to have fun and make sharp turns. However, people will take it one step further and go into the careless mode or even two steps, and go into reckless mode where they're trying to spray some of their friends to show-off, or look cool.
Speaker 1: You don't think that you have to look 360 degrees around you; that perhaps there's a boat right next to you and you're not watching where you're going so end up cutting right in front of that boat.
Speaker 3: I think not paying attention while operating a personal watercraft is a huge factor and it becomes more of a factor because of the speed that the personal watercraft is traveling. If you're traveling so fast in the water that there is very little room to react.
Speaker 1: They seem to want to get close to each other at high speeds, and when that happens, when they do get close to each other somebody decides to turn, the other person doesn't know it so they'll run over top of each other, they'll run into each other, be thrown from the jet ski.
Speaker 2: A lot of the injuries are very traumatic. A lot of lacerations, a lot of blood, a lot of bone breakage because these watercraft, they're making them so fast now where they're going upwards of 75 miles an hour.
Speaker 4: It's not a toy, it's a dangerous missile that's going through the water that needs to be controlled.
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