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If you are among the lucky boaters who own a personal watercraft (PWC). Maybe it's the Waverunner from Yamaha Motor Corporation, or Ski-Doo from Bombadier Recreational Products, or JET Ski manufactured by Kawasaki Motors Corp. Also known as water scooters, these vessels allow you to ride on the water while sitting, kneeling, or standing. However, in the course of time, the PWC mats that cover the bottom surface may start wearing out or fading. This may lead to poor grip or traction especially when wet. In addition, it may make the PWC lose its elegance. Well, you don't have to put-up with worn-out traction mats. Simply follow the steps below and give your PWC a new look.

1. Removal Of Old PWC Mats

Things Needed:
  • Rubber gloves
  • Putty knife or plastic scrapper
  • Chemical adhesive remover

Removing the old mat is usually the hardest task. It will be more challenging if the PWC comes with the older type of rubber compared to the newer EVA foam. First make sure you are working in a well ventilated area so as to minimise the effects of inhaling dust and the fumes from the chemical adhesive removal. Put on the gloves and start pouring a little adhesive remover on the edges. Give it some time for it to start acting. Take the putty knife or plastic scraper and start lifting the edges. Don't worry too much about scratching the surface. Proceed gradually and try to remove as much foam or rubber as possible.

2. Surface Preparation

Things you'll require:
  • Old Newspapers
  • Masking tape
  • 80grit sandpaper
  • Adhesive remover or acetone

After the removal of the traction mat, you will notice the watercraft surface will not be pleasing to the eye. Well, don't worry as this is part of the whole process. Use the masking tape and newspapers to cover the sides and edges. This protects the craft from abrasion or accidental scratches. Take the 80grit sandpaper and start sanding the surface. This is done to remove any material that may have been left behind. Make sure to use minimal or light pressure so as to avoid sanding-off too much fiberglass. Sanding removes the old adehsive and also creates a rough surface. This will help the PWC mats stick to the surface better. Remove the dust and debris that forms on the surface and wash the area with acetone or adhesive remover. Make sure no particles, water, oil, or grease remains behind as this will interfere with the bonding of the new mat to the watercraft.

3. Installation of New Mats

There are different types of mats in the market. It's up to you to find the most suitable type. You may go for a bare mat that requires application of adhesive or the peel-and-stick type that comes with adhesive already applied on its surface.

Items Needed:
  • PWC Mats
  • Old newspapers
  • Masking tape
  • Paintbrush
  • Waterproof spray adhesive or contact cement
  • Roller (optional)
  • Adhesive cleaner or acetone

Use the masking tape and newspapers to protect the surrounding areas. For the peel-and-stick mat, peel-off the liner and slowly place it on the surface. For the bare mat, apply adhesive on the PWC and the lower surface of the mat using the paint brush. Place one piece at a time starting with the bottom piece, front, and then sides. Apply some pressure using a roller or the palms of your hands. After all the pieces have been fixed, clean excess glue with the acetone or adhesive remover. Remove the old newspapers and allow it to dry. The manufacturer will indicate the curing period.

The joy of racing on the water or pulling a surfboarder with a personal watercraft is always something boaters look forward to. Maybe it's the spirit of adventure, or the competitive heart, or recreational fun, or the rush of adrenaline. Well, all this can come to an abrupt end if the rider trips on a faulty or worn-out mat. Rather than waiting for this to happen, it's better to take the first step by replacing the traction mat. All you will need are the right tools, some time to spare, and the desire to undertake the task. The only challenge may be removing the aged PWC mats. The rest is pretty straightforward. With a new mat, you will not only have a better grip and feel safer, but also improve the appearance and traction on the personal watercraft.

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