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SeaSense Emergency Boat Horn (Video)

A demonstration of the SeaSense Emergency Boat Horn.

Video Transcript

Today we're going to take a quick look at the SeaSense mouth horn it's an emergency horn, meant as a backup to a boat horn. Very lightweight and small, you can see. It generates a loud noise when you blow into it and could be used as an emergency signal device if you are lost out in the wilderness. If your boat motor failed and you needed to get some help. If you're stuck lost on a local trail and you knew people were around that you could certainly blast this three times, the universal sign for emergency and get somebody's attention.

So you can see it's a hollow horn with a diaphragm that went in. It's got a line that's included so that you can wear it around your neck or have your kids or friends wear it around their neck. And the interesting is you don't blow in the end as you would think for a horn, this is what you would get; nothing. What you do is you would puff in the side here; see this hole in the side. And when you do that you get the sound.

So I've got a little app running here that is measuring decibels and we'll keep an eye on that as I blow into the side horn here. We are indoors, I wanted to minimize the background noise, so I'm going to be quiet for a minute and let you see the ambient noise there. And now I'll give a blow on the horn. Again I'm blowing into this side hole on the SeaSense horn. [6 blows into the horn]

Got the few 90s there, 91, 90 that I could see. So you could see it's quite a loud device. It doesn't require any batteries, you don't have to blow in its really really hard to make it work and seems that there's a sweet spot that is kind of a medium blow that gives you the most noise.

Seadog Horns Sounds

Seadog giving a demo of the sounds of the different horns that they carry with the decimals of each. This way you can chose a horn based on the sound.

Video Transcript

Hi! My name is Norman Drangsholt. I'm with the Seadog Corporation and today we are going to talk about horns, specifically honking and total qualities of our line of horns.

Starting with the single mini compact. This is 106 DB, let's listen to that. Now, moving onto the twin mini compact. This is 110 decibels. Notice the difference of the tone. And the third one on this group is the sonic mini. All of these have the same motor. This is a more modern design and comes in three different styles. White, black and chrome.

Next is the compact horn, a little bit larger, if you listen, a little bit different. Total quality and it's also 109 decibels, noticeably deeper.

Next is the bulldog. The bulldog is the loudest in this group. It is one of the three loudest that is made. It is 123 decibels significantly louder.

We talk about the compact horns, their above deck horns and now let's go to a horn that's called a drop in. It's a blow deck horn. And for that, we're first going to show you the one that you see right here which is a V2 drop-in horn as a whole orientation of the diaphragm sideways like this drops back in. Let's listen to what that sounds like, more of a deep tone.

Now, we're going to turn this around so you can see a little bit larger horn with a bigger footprint, bigger footprint at the front but as you note not as deep in the back. This is a horn that has a full 111 decibels, quite a bit louder. Let's listen to that, still a beep horn.

Now, we're going to talk about air horns specifically the single mini trumpet. This horn right here is 126 decibels. It's powered by a compressor. It's mount below deck. There's a tube coming out. It puts out 11 PSI, needs 20 amp switch. Let's listen to this.

We also have the same compact version in a dual. It's chrome and it's 127 decibels. Again, it has different length tubes to give it a more of harmonic tone. Now, we're going to move over to the full lengths air horns. Again, it has a single compressor mounted below deck and it has more of a harmonic tone. Let's listen to that.

Now, we're going to move over to an electric compact horn. This is the dual. It's more of an economy, good value horn. This one has 110 decibels. Let's listen to that. Again, full length, nice total quality.

Now, we're moving over to the max blast series. The first one is the single full trumpet horn at 118 decibels. Now, here we have the duel again, the harmonic tone. This is 123 decibels. Again, changing the length makes a little bit more fuller tone.

So, that's whole sound of all of our Seadog horns. If you need any more information, please go to Our website has all the information, details and thank you for listening.

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