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Boat Trailer Hub Kits How-Tos

Before buying replacement hubs for your trailer, take some time to ensure you are getting the correct size. Most hubs in use today on marine and recreation trailers fall into one of four capacity sizes: 1250 pounds, one-inch straight spindles, four and five lug or holes; 1350 pounds, one and one-sixteenth inch straight spindles, four and five lug or holes; 1750 pounds, one and three-eighths inch by one and one-sixteenth inch tapered spindles, five lugs; and 3000 pounds, one and three quarters inch by one and one-quarter inch tapered spindles, six lugs.

If you are still not sure of the hub size you need, we will walk you through three methods of determining the spindle type and size on your axle and in turn, the size of hub you will need. Hub sizes are determined by the size and shape of the spindles on your trailer's axle. After removing the wheel and existing hub, look at the spindle.

If it looks like this, you have a tapered spindle. Tapered spindles require hubs that contain two different-sized bearings. You may also have a spindle that looks like this. This is a straight spindle. Straight spindles have the same diameter at the bearing locations.

Today, we will review three methods of determining the size of axle spindles and in turn, the size of hubs that are used on your trailer. The first method is the use of a digital caliper. Place the caliper at the bearing locations on the spindle. The resulting number is the diameter of the spindle and in turn, the inner diameter of the bearings used in the hub.

Once the diameters are obtained, the table shown can be used to determine the bearing sizes required by your axle spindle. The next method is the use of a flexible tape. This method involves wrapping the tape around the spindle at the bearing locations. The resulting number is the circumference of the spindle.

Use this measurement and the table shown to determine the bearing sizes required for your axle spindle. The last method is to remove the bearings from your old hub. A part number should be visible. This number will assist you in determining the size of the bearing and with the information shown, the bearing size of your hub.

Please remember that tapered spindles will have hubs with two different-sized bearings. Now that you know the size of hubs required for your trailer, we encourage you to consider replacement hubs from Tie Down Engineering. Hubs from Tie Down have features that will keep your trailer on the road longer and reduce your maintenance time and cost.

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