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About Dock Ladders

When it comes to entertainment at the lake, there are many things to do. One of those things is to play in the water around the dock. Playing around the dock can be relaxing, safe for the young kids and quite enjoyable. However, climbing on and off the dock can be extremely difficult if it is not set up to do so. Have you tried climbing out of the water and onto the dock from 5 feet below? It is virtually impossible. Dock ladders are specifically designed to be installed on a dock so people can climb on and off the dock when getting in and out of the water. Here at iboats, we have several types of dock ladders. We offer fixed, flip-up, folding, retractable, removable, telescoping, lift, sliding, and stand-off dock ladders made of aluminum or stainless steel. We carry the highest quality products from top manufacturers such as JIF, Dock Edge, and Garelick dock Ladders at a price you can't turn down. We also carry other types of ladders, including boat ladders.

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