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Angler Pal Holder

This video demonstrates the various uses of the Angler Pal holder. Both for fishing rods and fishing electronic equipment

Video Transcript

Angler's pal rod holders and electronics mounts are designed for today's fishing and boating enthusiasts.

Constructed of stainless steel and aluminum, Angler's Pal products can endure the toughest of boating conditions and are completely salt water ready.

Angler's Pal Rod Holders have a full 360 degree range of settings and can be removed from your boats gunnels or rail with an alan wrench or a simple lift and turn in just seconds.

With its easy rod removal, fish stay hooked up. And that's what makes Anglers Pal rod holders the clear choice for the serious angler.

The Angler's Pal Electronics Mounts have been designed with today's larger, heavier sonar and gps units in mind. This electronics mount is the most durable and versatile unit in today's market due to its revolutionary, patented 2 point locking pivot position design. Locking the arm positions from both ends gives the Anglers Pal electronic mount the added strength to support your expensive electronics in any position, under the roughest of conditions.

The Anglers Pal electronics mount are available in sizes ranging from 2 3/4 to 17 inches, making it easy to accommodate any mounting location.

The Angler's Pal trolling motor mount is the most efficient trolling motor mount available. Simply pull the rubber tab to deploy your electric motor and pull the tab back over when stowing. This trolling motor mount will keep your trolling motor stabilized and securely fastened to the deck when slamming across rough waves or simply trailering to your favorite body of water.

I rely on my anglers pal rod holders and electronics mounts every day. Whether your journey takes you to fresh or salt water, you'll find the same reliability and dependability with Angler's Pal products.