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How to Organize Terminal Tackle (Video)

Here is a video with APBassing talking about how to organize your terminal tackle box with different types of baits and hooks.

Video Transcript

Hey guys. Welcome back to the episode of APBassing. I'm out here in the storage unit just going over some stuff. I thought this be pretty cool video to show you guys. I know people been asking how I store my terminal tackle, my weights, my hooks, some punch skirts - stuff like that. I do have jig heads are considered terminal tackle but I kind of keep those in a different box. So I'm not going to go over a box of jig heads pretty much.

So, we'll go over my weight box and then my terminal tackle box; how I store it, how I keep it dry and just some key things that I think matter when storing terminal tackle which is an important aspect of bass fishing.

This is the terminal tackle box. This is your terminal tackle box organizer. I love this box. It's great for terminal tackle. I'll go on to how I organize my stuff in the box. And then, we got the Plano weight box here. This is the smaller airtight 100 percent waterproof box.

One of the things that I think is really important is keeping these Inhibitor, industrial strength rust protection system. They're VC Pro Chips for tackle boxes. They're pretty cheap. You can get a bunch of them. I change them out every year and I have no rust in my box as you can see.

So we'll start on top. I keep a certain amount of wobble heads. These are dirty jigs. I like these because they have that Superline EWG hook in them. Swinging football heads; got a couple of different sizes. I haven't really thrown them that much but they are definitely key.

Then we got an assortment of tube jig heads. Then we got just a miscellaneous jig head thrown in there.

How I organized my punch skirts. I throw them in my bag. I need to get some more. I ran out, but I like a lot of different ones. I like white and green pumpkins.

Then we got some Strike King. These are all my shaky heads. I use a lot of Shaky Heads. Then I have a few Strike Kings that I've also used. These are one-eighth; these are one-fourths.

Then I've got all my swimbait hooks. These are Gamakatsu. Just your typical screw lock hooks there.

Then we got 3/O, 4/O, and 5/O EWG Superlines. Love these hooks, definitely my favorite hook.

Then I got some willow blades. and bobber stoppers. These are the 6th Sense bobber stoppers.

I got some flipping hooks. I love the Gamakatsu super heavy cover. I don't think they even make these hooks anymore. So these are my favorite. But what I do is I take a little bit of epoxy and I put them on the hook so that my keeper doesn't slide down.

I probably use this hook the most. This is a 1/O Gamakatsu Spinshot Dropshot hook. I use this for wacky worming and for dropshotting. 1/O. The thicker hook I like.

Got some 2/O - trailer hooks for your spinnerbaits.

Then I got 2/O wacky worm hooks. These are good if I'm having trouble getting hooked up or I want a bigger hook. Definitely going to switch this but I like those spinshot dropshot hooks a little better.

Then I got some beads for Carolina rigs. I got some swivels. That's pretty much it. That's my terminal tackle box right there. But I keep this box upright in my chest so I'll show you what I'm talking about. This box is perfect because if you keep this like this, just place it right there up against that. It just sits in there with all my stuff.

Then my weight box; pretty self-explanatory. I'm missing a couple of my heavy tunsgten that I didn't put in there. Have here tungsten, half ounce, three eighths ounce, one quarter. Some carolina rig weights. Smaller, dropshot, Slipshot, and Nail weights.

And there are dropshot hooks. Cylinder, round; just depending on what kind of structure I'm fishing - pretty simple. It is airtight. So I don't really put any of those rust inhibitors in this.

Thanks for watching this week's video. Next week's video will be a mystery tackle box unboxing - month of November. Check it out. If you're watching, I have this cool sweatshirt. Link will be in the description. We'll see you guys next week at APBassing.