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Hardware How-Tos

Different Types Of Boat Hardware And Their Uses

Boaters always look forward to having a wonderful time on their boat. And unless you are among the lucky few, you will have to make some improvements. This entails replacing worn-out accessories as well as installing new boat hardware.

The hardware is found in the following areas:
The hardware is used to enhance the environment on the deck. The most popular hardware is as follows:
Marine Ladders: - This equipment helps in climbing on the deck especially when coming from the cabin below the deck.
Cup Holders: - The hardware is made from aluminium, stainless steel or heavy-duty plastic. It offers good holding points for cups or mugs.
Handrails: - The hardware provides good support when leaning along the boat or when climbing a ladder.
Drain Plugs & Scuppers: - These accessories direct waste or excess water away from the deck to the designated point.
Swim Platforms: - People on board use the platform to go into the water and also coming on the deck after a swim.
Boat Deck steps: - placed on the stairs or ladder leading to the deck. Offer firm and safe support.
Flag holders: - The holders are placed at strategic positions and are used for holding a flag pole.
Fishing Rod Holders: - Fishing apparatus such as fishing lines and rods are placed on the deck for easy access.
Anchor shackles: - The hardware is used to join the anchor to the chain or rope. It is made from stainless steel or galvanized iron.
Mooring snap hook: - this hook is used to tie the line or rope to the boat. The line is then secured at the buoy or dock.

The cabin is the region below the deck where people relax, take a nap or sleep. The following is some boat hardware found in the cabin:
Compartment/cupboard catch: - This hardware piece is used to lock the cupboard or compartment.
Continuous Hinges: -They attach the doors to the cupboard or closet. The hinge runs from top to bottom.
Rail Fitting: - The hardware can be T, L or straight type. It"™s used to hold rails used to hang items such as towels or clothes.
Drawer Pull: -The accessory is attached to the drawer and helps in opening it. It is made from light sheet of metal.
Cloth Hooks: - The hooks made from aluminium, stainless steel or galvanized iron is used to hang clothes.
Stern Handles: - This hardware piece is used to open the doors, windows, closets or cupboards.
Louvre Vent: - This is a slotted piece of hardware made from metal or plastic and helps in air circulation.
Carpeting: - This material is used on the flooring and provides a comfortable and smooth surface.
Locks & Bolts: - The hardware is used to lock or secure the doors, cupboards and windows.
Brackets & Hooks: -These are simple pieces of curved metal placed on the ceiling or roof of a closet or wardrobe and are used to hang items.

Cover boat hardware is used to secure the material used to cover up the boat. Notable pieces are as follows:
Adjustable Tie-down strap: - These adjustable straps are used to bind the cover tightly over the boat.
Boat Cover Support Frame: - This frame provides the appropriate support hence holding the cover in position.
Support Pole: - The accessory is at strategic points and helps in holding the cover at a certain height.
Boat Cover Support Bows: - These are flexible bow-shaped strips that span along the length or width of the boat.
Eyelets & Grommets: - The cords or straps are through the eyelets and grommets.
Boat Awning Cord: -This is a flexible string or rope made from polypropylene, nylon or natural fiber.
Boat Strap buckles: - The cords or straps are tightened and locked in place using buckles made from metal or strong plastic.
Polypropylene straps: - These are bands made from polypropylene and are around the entire boat.
Snap tool kits: - these tools are used to tighten the cords or ropes used in securing the cover for the boat.
Adding new hardware ought to be gradual. This will give you time to research on the best parts and also find bargain deals. By being organized you're less likely to break the bank. It is recommended to buy the boat hardware from iboats.com. Besides a wide selection, you also get quality products.

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