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10 Marine Tools That Should Feature In A Boater's Tool Box

While operating your boat, it is almost guaranteed that you will run into some trouble that will require you fixing a broken part or accessory while out on the water. Or you may want to attach a device such as a fishing rod holder to your boat. Although it would be impossible to take an entire toolbox on the boat with you, there are a few different marine tools that should be found in any mariner's toolbox.

1. Floating prop wrench

At some point, you will need to remove the boat's propeller. This may be during a replacement or service and maintenance. The propeller is usually screwed in a very tight and hidden space. A wrench is a must, and a floating one that won't sink if you drop it in the water is the best option when removing a prop.

2. Stainless steel pliers

A pair of pliers is used to hold tiny objects, cut pieces of cord, strip wires of their outer covering, bend metal parts as well as other activities. Having good stainless steel pliers on board is important. Made of stainless steel means it will also be resistant to corrosion or rust.

3. Oil filter wrench

Changing the oil filter can be a daunting task. Many boaters will think twice before inserting their hands to unscrew the filter. This is simply because of the fear of injuries to their fingers and hands. However, this exercise will be much easier when a filter wrench is used.

4. Heat gun

A heat gun's main function is utilizing shrink wrap on your boat, but it is useful in various applications on the boat. It can be used to dry, damp or moisten wood; it's used to thaw the ice that may have formed on the pipes, or softening solder. The marine tool can also be useful in removing paint.

5. Ratchet and ratchet sets

A ratchet set is made-up of different types of ratchet wrenches and accompanying sockets. The tools are used to unbolt bolts that are too tight to be removed by bare hands. The socket which has a square hole on top is attached to the bolt. The ratchet which comes with a square protrusion is inserted into the socket hole. Turning the wrench loosens or tightens the bolt.

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6. Crimper (lug, ratcheting)

A crimper is a tool that almost looks like a pair of pliers. It is used to join two pieces of wire together. The tool presses a connector thus forming a stable joint. It's seen as a better alternative to soldering since it doesn't break under stress or have the wicking effect.

7. Hose and tubing clipper

As a boater, you may need to shorten the rubber fuel pipe, the elastic pipes running from the air-conditioner to the boat, or the water /coolant pipes in the engine. Rather than using a knife or razor, it's safer and convenient to use a hose and tubing cutter/clipper.

8. Screwdriver sets

A screwdriver set is a collection of screwdrivers that come in different heads, shapes, and also sizes. The marine tools are used to either screw or unscrew a screw. The blade is made from toughened stainless steel while the handle may be made from wood, plastic or rubber. Typical designs include the flat, star, round, Phillips and more.

9. Drill bit sets

Quite often, you will need to drill a hole in/on the boat. This may be done to insert screws, bolts or hooks. The openings may also be used to pass cords or wires from one point to another. To carry out the task more effectively, it's vital to use the right drill bits. There are specific drills sets for wood, soft metal, stainless steel, glass, fiberglass, ceramic and much more.

10. Torque wrench

A torque wrench works in a similar manner as the ratchet. However, it also allows a user to measure the torque applied to a nut or bolt. It features a dial that indicates the tightness or makes a clicking noise when the set value is reached. This minimizes the likelihood of breaking a nut/ bolt, and also under or over-tightening.

Making the above marine tools part of your tool box assists you in carrying out timely repairs and installations. has all the marine tools that you may need to keep you boat afloat!

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