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Paddle Board Accessories How-Tos

6 Awesome Accessories Every Paddle Boarder Needs

Your next paddle board adventure is right around the corner, and you want to be equipped with the best accessories on the market! Here is a list of the Top 6 Awesome Accessories we recommend for all paddle boarders and why you won't want to leave shore without them.


This is very likely the most important accessory you can have for your stand-up paddle board. In even low wind conditions, your board can coast away from your grasp in only a matter of seconds, leaving you stranded if far from shore. This life-safer, when secured to your body with the Velcro cuff, will stay close to your side allowing you to rest on it if tired or caught in stormy or rough waters.

Your leash should be about a foot longer than your board. The coiled leash can be great on a smooth water journey, so the leash doesn't drag behind the paddler.

Anchor Kit

If you are a Yoga or Fishing enthusiast, or just want to enjoy a relaxing break on your paddle board ride, you need this accessory! The anchor kitwill allow your SUP to stay put on the water.

The 4-pronged heavy-duty grapnel anchor latches easily to rocks, branches and thick mud. It is equipped with a D-ring that attaches to your SUP and 15ft of anchor line. A great feature of this kit is that it is both very durable and light-weight, so it is very easy to store in the padded nylon bag.


Comfort has its grip on this accessory! After a time, the wear of stroking the paddle may cause scrapes or blisters to the insides of your hands. The stand-up paddle board gloves will keep you riding longer as they protect your hands with each stroke. These fingerless gloves have a secure Velcro fit that heightens your torque performance and helps to gain more power to your board.

These gloves are available in sizes XS, S, M, and L.

Underwater Light Kit

If you thought paddle boarding on a beautiful sunny day was breathtaking, try experiencing the underwater world when the sun goes down! This underwater light kitis your ticket to incredible views as it illuminates the waters around you, providing the clear visibility and safety you need to enjoy your excursion.

This underwater light kit includes LED lights that are attached and mounted under your board using heavy-duty suction cups. For boards with a more textured surface, you may use the included 3M self-adhesive "landing pad" for better security. This kit will also include a tether system.

Waterproof Waist Pack

You won't want to leave shore without your valuables - Phone, Keys, Cards, Wallet, etc. This is a must-have item to keep your most prized possessions and essentials protected from the water.

This waterproof waist packis a padded patch that includes a nylon strap and clip you can adjust for proper fit.

Water Bottle Holder

Keep hydrated on the go with this great water bottle holder. Securely and safely, this water bottle holder will have you hands-free as much as possible on your paddle board journey. This product is compatible with the suction cup mount (sold separately) that mounts firmly to any non-porous and flat surface area board, so it is close by whenever you need a cool refreshment.

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