Emergency Boat Kill Switches and Lanyards

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Emergency Boat Kill Switches & Lanyards How-Tos

How to Install a Kill Switch

First of all, what is a kill switch? A kill switch is a simple wire is designed to disable an engine by briefly suspending the current flow. This switch is particularly essential in situations that call for an emergency automatic shut-down. All kill switches should have a lanyard added to it that will attach from the kill switch to the captain/driver.

Installing the key switch is a straight-forward step-by-step process. Follow these directions, and you can easily install this yourself.

Step One: Use the appropriate wrench to disconnect the negative battery cable.

Step Two: Choose a location to install the kill switch that is close to the control console.

- Locate the red wire leading to the ignition switch from the battery.

- Remove console cover (if there is one) by removing the screws with a screwdriver.

Step Three: Cut the red wire about 6 inches from the switch with pliers.

- Pull all loose wires out of the way and secure them with electrical or duct tape.

- Cut a hole in the console with a drill in your selected area.

Step Four: Insert one of your wires from the kill switch and one of the cut ends into opposite ends of a quick-connector.

- Crimp the connector shut with pliers.

- Wire does not have to be stripped.

Step Five: Apply silicone sealant over the ends of the connector.

Step Six: Repeat the quick connector attachment process.

- Use the remaining end of the ignition wire and the and the remaining kill switch wire.

Step Seven: Apply another layer of silicone sealant over second connector.

Step Eight: Insert the kill switch into the hole that is in the console from the rear.

- Secure it in place by screwing it in tightly.

- Tighten the attachment with pliers.

Step Nine: Secure the cut-up wires with the wire ties and reconnect the negative battery cable.

Step Ten: Insert the key into the switch and start the engine, then test it a few times.

*We do recommend obtaining or referring to a service/repair manual for assistance in this process.

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