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How to Remove Boat Seats in a Triton Boat (Video)

This video demonstrates how to remove your boat seats in your Triton boat. There is a hidden screw that needs to come out, in order to remove them.

Video Transcript

Hey guys, working fisherman here. Today I'm going to show you how to remove your boat seats in your Triton Boat. I've had a lot of questions about that. It's not really hard. You just need to know what to look for. The first thing is that you have three screws down here. You need to take those three screws out.

Now, once you get them out, the real key is that you have another screw here. If you look real close here, there is a hole through your seat. And right there is that screw. If you don't take that out, you're not going to get this seat out. So we're going to take that out.

Pull that screw out and there's a bracket back here with a little slide. Slide that seat right up and out. Right there is your slide. On the back of your seat is your bracket with a little hook there. And here is your little attachment bar. That there gets screwed into the face here. There's your three little holes on that.

Okay, that's all there is to it. And just do the reverse to put your seat back in.

This is a 2000 Triton TR 20. And I think for the most part, most of your older Triton's come out this way. So that's the little secret, that little hole right in there with that screw. A lot of guys don't know that. I didn't know it until someone told me. It was suggested that I do a video on it so if they had questions, they would see it on the video.

So, once you take them out, if you are going to replace this carpet, you've got to take your seats out. Even if you don't want to replace your carpet, see all this gunk that gets down in here, potatoes chips, food and junk like that, it all gets down in here. You can pop your seats out once a year and clean all this junk out.

I hope I helped you guys out. And I'll see you later.

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