Nothing came in my rebuild kit except for the fuel side parts. I had also been told that there is no rebuild kit for the oil side. I rebuilt my fuel side and it works fine again. it is oiling normal as well.
There were several good YouTube videos that I watched before I attempted rebuilding mine. It helped me a lot as did the advise on this board.

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36 mins ago

I finally discovered where the short is happening, or at least which wire is causing it. There is a red wire going up to a small, about 1" square, four terminal component below the flywheel. It has four terminals-one ground, the red wire from the cb, and two separate green wires running up to the underside of the flywheel. Once I disconnected the red wire, the cb quit tripping and the engine would crank! Does anyone know what that small block is? Of course, right now I don't know if the component is bad or if there is a short in one of the green wires continuing on to the rectifier?

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