Part 2465MBTRI6 by Thermos

The Garmin EchoMAP x4 (54, 74, 94, etc.) plotters come bundled with coastal charts, and lower-frequency transducers better suited to deeper saltwater. The x3 (53, 73, 93) come with lake charts and higher-frequency transducers more suited to shallower, freshwater.

I faced a similar issue when kitting out my 17' CC for use in San Diego Bay and inshore kelp: how to get a shallow-use transducer (90% of my fishing 120' or less, most of that 75' or less), but ocean charts? So I got a 74SV head unit alone (no transducer bundled), and a GT-52HW-TM transducer purchased separately.

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Nov 30 at 09:15am

Solas makes both aluminum and stainless props, Hustler is an aluminum prop series from Turning point props. I don't use aluminum props. Amita is the Solas aluminum prop series. I wouldn't use either one As I'd probably chew it up the first time I used it where I fish.

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