Looking at a possible new boat purchase and found an old bayliner Pinta that is in fairly good shape hull and upholstery wise. They guy selling it doesn’t know anything at all and it hasn’t been registered since 2012. It supposedly ‘has bad gas and a bad battery’ but otherwise looks very clean for the age.

Now then i know absolutely nothing about the Volvo penta drives and this one was definitely ran in salt water by the amount of rust in some areas. It is an enclosed cooling system so I would hope the the engine is clean.

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We need a model #.Those motors are not cold blooded how are you starting it? Are you saying the starter cranks when you push the high idle button? The cold start procedure for that motor if it is a cabureted model is as follows.

#1 pump primer ball on gas line until hard.
#2 Move high idle lever forward until you feel resistance.
#3 push key in and start the motor hold key in until motor starts.
#4 let motor warm up you may have to adjust the high idle lever for this. Either faster or slower.

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